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Enduring toys designed to stimulate the imagination, foster creativity and encourage exploration
It is no secret that we are long-time fans of the beautiful, fun and timeless toys and treasures at Fanny & Alexander. Their iconic creations are crafted from wood and natural materials and designed to conjure wonder, encourage exploration, and cultivate the simple joys of play.

Each stunning piece is deceptively simple and meticulously made. Open-ended in nature, these toys are set to be cherished, unmissable, daily companions; to be treasured and then handed on for the next generation to enjoy. Toys such as wooden cameras, binoculars and craft sets offer the perfect tools for little people to get on with the serious business of good play. To explore the world they live in, and to create those of their own imagination.

They require no power source other than the child's own ideas and energy. Crafted by Argentinian artisans from thoughtfully sourced hardwoods, elements are carved from contrasting woods (and are not painted), creating a toy that is completely natural and safe for even the youngest child to enjoy. With naturally dyed leather and quality fabric additions, items are designed to be a pleasure to look at and a joy to play with.

Fanny & Alexander recognise that childhood is a brief and extraordinary time when everything is possible and the imagination is boundless. This brand was founded on a fundamental desire to encourage children (and the adults who love them) to play a little more, and a little better. They hope their toys will become cherished objects that preserve that sense of childhood wonder for families around the world.

“Every single detail is considered with not only quality in mind, but kid-appeal. We are HUGE fans! ”


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