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Stylish, multi-functional sensory baby muslins and more
Muslin squares and swaddles are some of the most handy baby products we know. So good for so many jobs - swaddling, as a blanket, sheet, nursing cover, burp cloth, impromptu nappy changer, scarf… So many! And the beautifully soft collection from Etta Loves is specially designed to have another, original, super handy use! They’re not just stylish and useful in all the conventional ways; they’ve also been carefully designed to stimulate babies' visual and cognitive development.

Etta Loves sensory baby muslins, bibs and washcloths have been carefully designed with input from an early years visual expert. The range is split between 0-4 and 5+ months in line with significant developmental leaps in babies' vision. In more good news, the striking patterns are both stylish and unique – so style conscious parents love to look at them too!

The collection for the youngest babies features high contrast black and white patterns, ideal as a first point of interest and focus - though older babies also both enjoy and benefit from these muslins. For older babies, 5 months plus, there is a striking 3 colour leopard print pattern, ideal as babies reach the point of having near full colour range and are start to distinguish subtleties between colours. Again, this print is attractive for all babies though!

Etta Loves is the creation of Etta’s mum Jen. When the first thing Jen noticed little Etta trying to focus on was her black and white jumper, she tried to involve as much monochrome as possible in their everyday life. Which got her to thinking; why isn’t one of the items most seen by babies designed to stimulate them and capture their attention? Looking for a new challenge, Jen set about creating textile products optimised for sensory development and for style. Made from from super-soft, absorbent 100% cotton, these are not just patterns with inherent interest due to their being high contrast, these are products that have been developed with stimulation and development as their primary objective.

“These would make a wonderful new baby present!”