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Traditional elegance mixed with childish fairytale fun...
This magnificent brand, started by two fashion designer sisters, is the perfect mix of traditional elegance and childish fun. They offer exquisite and high-quality children's knitwear, including playful jumpers with knitted frogs in the pockets (how cool!), cardigans with crocheted mice on the shoulders, patchwork jumpers, and sweet little pixie booties and bonnets. There's a bit of a fairytale romance to all their products (and their beautiful photos) which makes you appreciate an era when children were dressed to look their best. Plus, what kid wouldn't want a little frog in the pocket of his jumper? Your kids will love these products as much as you do!

“We love the beautiful clothing at Elfie - almost as much as we love the two sisters behind the brand. Gorgeousness on every level! ”


Elfie Blog Posts

New spring collection at Elfie
These images from the new collection at Elfie are just so springy and happy! Not to mention so English - don't you love the pairing of floral dresses with lace cardigans and the wellies worn with shorts! I also love all the colourful felt party hats. Bring on springtime. Not long to go! Courtney x
A frog in the pocket...
Sometimes a new children's brand comes along that does something totally new and different. And these days, with all the many children's clothing labels out there, 'new and different' is not easy to do. But Elfie, a London-based brand started by two fashion designer sisters, does exactly that. Take one look at their beautiful photography ...