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Goods for good kids aged 0-10yrs
eenymeeny like good things and they know you do too. They don't take life too seriously -- they truly embrace kids' strange obsessions, their creativity, colourfulness and quirkiness. And they manage to stay absolutely true to their passion for good design and quality!
They don't believe childhood is a place for mass production, trends or fads. Childhood should be a world of silly and sensible, clever and quirky, fantastic and funny.
Every product you’ll find here has been carefully selected for its quality, usefulness, uniqueness… Or just because it's simply super cool! We love this selection of thoughtfully designed toys, excellent quality clothes and beautiful books all to be shared around, treasured and passed on. If you’re looking for a gift, eenymeeny gets it spot on – every time!

“If you need inspiration for birthday gifts, look no further!”


eenymeeny Blog Posts

Cute toys under £4 from Eenymeeny
Ivy has now lost her two bottom teeth!! I think it's really young to start losing them (she's only 4½!), but it goes to show that no matter how hard I try to keep my babies little forever, they just insist on growing up! : ) Anyway, the tooth fairy has now come twice in ...
Woody knitting toy
This past Christmas I discovered the ethical French toy brand Les Jouets Libres when looking for gifts to give my nieces and nephews. They make the most beautiful, old-fashioned wooden toys, the kind of toys you keep forever. I ended up buying this pretty stacking toy for one and this colourful blocks set for another, both which ...
Tortustick, a fun toy for kids of every age
I popped into Eenymeeny yesterday to pick up a few craft/activity books for the kids (we have a 9-hour daytime flight on Friday!) and this Tortustick game was out on display. Marlow immediately sat down and started playing with it, and to my amazement she actually sat still for a good 45 seconds. : ) I ended ...