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Make the most of your children’s creations -- and get the clutter under control!
Doodle Nest is all about preserving and celebrating kids' art. Do you have stacks of adorable creations stashed away in drawers and boxes? Here’s a great way to bring them back into your home! Doodle Nest transform your kids’ charming artwork into stunning coffee table books, collages and cards that your family can cherish for years to come. These are great solutions for those of us with overwhelming piles of art and they make touching and personal gifts for children, parents and grandparents!
Fill a box with those works of love, send it off to Doodle Nest and they do the rest. Simple! Thanks to their professional photography and editing, clever compositions, top quality materials and printing the Doodle Nest process elevates these little magical creations into a beautiful collection that will make everyone proud. Doodle Nest is the creation of two Mums (of course!); they’ve taken the time to find out exactly how best to do all this – so you don’t have to! Thank you!

“This is such a clever idea! We cherish our Doodle Nest book. ”


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The children's travel journals turned into a book with Doodle Nest!
As I've mentioned before, each of our children kept a journal during our travels this year. They wrote in their journals at least once or twice a week, documenting each country and noting down memorable moments from each place we visited. Their journals are filled with notes, writings, doodles, drawings, small souvenirs and mementos from ...
Doodle Nest art books -- the perfect way to preserve your children's art
As part of the process of packing up our house I've come across all of the children's art from the past ten years. I don't save everything they make, but I do like to keep our favourite pieces, and of course I always keep the sweet love notes and cards. As a result, we have several big plastic ...