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Authentic, beautiful and creative clothing for 0-10s
Den & Patch is a London-based online shopping destination providing a curated collection of children's clothing for ages 0-10. You’ll find a refreshing range of harder-to-find labels here, and an emphasis on creative, wearable, shapes and textures.

The creation of Reb, a mum to two wonderful, mischievous, little girls, and a former luxury womenswear buyer, Den & Patch focuses on offering brands characterised by wonderful fabrics, quality techniques, and original designs.

You’ll find a great range of dresses, rompers, trousers, tops, jackets, skirts, all-in-ones, swimwear, and more. All are eminently wearable, and yet, that bit different.

Den & Patch believe in adventure, creativity and freedom. That clothing for children should be an extension of their imagination - allowing them the ability to run, dance, play, create or just be. And all that whilst giving them comfort and all the inspiration they can use, of course! In Reb’s words, it’s a collection for dreamers, believers, and mud pie makers alike.

“I love the relaxed and considered shapes found in this shop.”