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Making baby’s everyday essentials beautiful
de Buci Baby offer a collection of beautifully simple, elegantly designed, baby essentials. These are products that bring not just style, but also practicality to your home and life. A US brand with US production, de Buci Baby’s aesthetics are distinctly European. Indeed the company is named after the Paris street founder, Maya, lived on when she met her husband and started her journey to motherhood - and ultimately to this lovely range. After her first child was born, Maya of course found herself searching for baby items fitting her love of understated design and neutral colours. A failed attempt to find a simple white sleep sack inspired Maya to create de Buci Baby. From cot sheets to teddy bears, nursing pillows to sleeping bags, blankets to burp cloths, colours are neutral, designs unfussy and prints classic. de Buci Baby currently ship within the US only, but are working on expanding to international delivery.