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Unisex, easy-wear children’s clothing featuring Victorian-inspired natural history illustrations
Darwin Blair is a British based brand creating gender neutral children's clothing for little ones aged 0-5yrs. Featuring unique illustrations, the collection focuses on natural history whilst environmental friendliness is top of mind from creation through production. Each item is PeTA approved Vegan and made in the UK.

The collection focuses on easy-wear wardrobe staples such as leggings, jumpers and t-shirts, but still manages to feel fresh and different. The stand-out, detailed designs seen throughout are Victorian-inspired and exclusively illustrated for Darwin Blair by a talented tattoo artist.

Darwin Blair is the creation of two sisters, Jo and Nic, from Derbyshire. Following the birth of their youngest children, Rufus Darwin and Olive Blair, these outdoor-loving mamas were inspired to create their own gender-neutral collection of children's clothing. Fed up of the conventions of high street fashion, these two stepped up their shared passion for sourcing interesting and unique children's clothing, creating their own collection.

Having often shopped in the boys section for the girls and the girls section for the boys, these mamas know the value of gender neutral clothing – for both carefree children and the environment. These items can be easily handed on, whoever is next in line. They’re generously sized to allow for growth.

Furthermore, all fabrics are eco-friendly, inks are baby safe and each item offers British manufacturing quality. All products are illustrated, printed and produced in the UK.

“Wonderfully unique items at a great price point (And illustrations by a tattoo artist! Very cool!)”