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Playful, charismatic and joyful unisex clothing for 1 – 8 year olds
Cub and Pudding is a British brand offering a playful collection of unisex clothing for children aged 1 to 8 years. The collection's stand-out prints are inspired by illustration and wordplay, designed in a relaxed style and made of super-soft cotton.

Featuring dungarees, leggings and t-shirts in a small range of unique prints and fresh colours, the collection is made for children who charge about. Items are comfortable and slightly oversized to allow for all kinds of adventures – and also some growing!

Prints are hand-drawn in London and brought to life in Portugal. Made of 100% cotton, items are digitally printed to OEKO-TEX certification and are sure to bring a smile to the greyest day!

Cub and Pudding were the names Sarah and her partner gave to their children when they were but expecting. This brand is the creation of a mama cheered by dressing her children in unique and wonderful ways. Inspired by a love of illustration, striking graphics and her past experience as a writer, Sarah figured why not take the leap and design for children herself…. The result – this happy range of colourful designs!

“The yellow dungarees are super cute!”