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Handmade wool felt gifts and ornaments made with love and full of the spirit of adventure
Craftspring is home to a lovely and broad collection of darling handmade holiday ornaments, toys and heirloom decorations that inspire adventure and magic. A Brooklyn-based brand, Craftspring works with women artisans in Kyrgyzstan to design and create their beautifully crafted unique pieces.

You’ll find an array of special items for everyday and for every celebration. Dinosaurs, astronauts, penguins, angels, NY taxis, Greek Gods. All types of people from all walks of life, all kinds of animals, and a whole world of fairies. In addition to the little characters you’ll also find mobiles, masks, garlands and more.

Each and every piece is handcrafted from felted wool using traditional methods passed down from mother to daughter in Kyrgyzstan. The artisans that make each piece in its entirety put their passion and love in together with their skill. The felted wool is created from local supplies using traditional methods – indeed their culture sees this as a magic material.

Craftspring sees this magic too, and believes each piece has its own bit of poetry, filled with whimsy, adventure and the potential to positively impact communities around the world. Connecting people and communities through meaningful giving, Craftspring hope to contribute to a culture of thoughtfulness, to celebrate a sense of wonder and to create a spirit of light and colour year-round and for the holidays.

Bringing pleasure and inspiration to a recipient, those who bring these beautiful creations to life have their lives enriched too. Ethical and positive production is of the utmost importance to Craftspring, who ensure their artisans work in a safe and pleasant environment and who pay above the minimum wage, allowing their women to support the wider community.

“I just love the masks - they're just exquisite and even lined for extra comfort!”


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