Clever kits with all you need to make an impressive homemade birthday cake
REGION: United Kingdom
What’s a birthday without cake? Cakes can be a big deal for little people and big ones too. Making a show-stopping cake is a little labour of love parents often want to complete, but well, sometimes there simply isn’t the time… Enter Craft & Crumb! An online cake company with a difference, this shop sells perfectly assembled kits that include every little thing you need to make a homemade cake with a perfectly stunning result. Each kit contains 100% organic Cake mix, natural icing sugar, quality decorations plus all the tools needed to make that particular cake including disposable cake pans.
Now, doesn’t that make things easier? It’s no surprise that Craft & Crumb is the creation of two busy mums. Their cake designs are unique and carefully chosen to ensure that whilst they look amazing, they’ve very simple to make when you have everything to hand -- including an easy to follow step-by-step guide. With a series of designs you’re sure to find a design that will be a hit, from ladybirds to diggers to unicorn rainbows. This shop also conveniently sells cupcake kits, cake extras and even carefully selected party bags and kits.
Craft & Crumb are currently shipping within the UK only.

“Surely the easiest way to make a hit birthday cake! (And aren’t the designs just so fun!!)”