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The wonderfully cosy and cute French slipper-socks, tights and socks!
Collégien’s slipper-socks, socks and tights are renowned throughout the world. A French brand established in 1947, Collégien offer their beautifully comfortable products in a gorgeous array of colours for men, women and children. The whole family can relax and enjoy!

Collégien has taken its traditional know-how and used it to create the ultimate socks and tights made of the finest yarns - Egyptian cotton, cashmere, silk and extra-soft lurex. Combining these values and qualities with an appreciation for modern trends has led to products such as sweet knee-high socks, cosy rib tights and more, making for the ideal accessory to create perfect outfits (especially as they come in over 30 colours!).

This brand is probably most famous for it’s slipper-socks, however. These feature ergonomic rubber soles equipped with non-slip spikes and perforations - making them perfectly cosy, breathable, and safe. They’re equally ideal for early walkers as for mama; a design that has stood the test of time.

Today they’re available in cool designs as well as subtle hues, a perfectly modern item. However, the slipper socks were created back in 1947(!), when brothers Robert and Alain, invented the injection of a soft rubber sole in a sock. 60 years later, Olivier Guille, today’s CEO and the founder’s great-grandchild, restyled the iconic item, making it into the slipper we know and love!

Collégien also offer fashion accessories such as mittens, headbands, and even bow ties. From design through to customer delivery, all products are totally made in France, allowing for complete oversight and ensuring that this fifth-generation family business stays true to its standards of excellence, integrity, caring about people, loyalty, customer service and work ethic.

“These slippers are also great for babies who are just starting to walk — warm, comfy, and anti-slip!”


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