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Treasured friends and companions for the magical journey of a child’s imagination
Ciao Bimba is a world of imagination, magic and companionship for children. Their online boutique offers a range of lovely waldorf dolls, matching clothes for their big friends and accessories for both.

This shop is the loving creation of two mothers enchanted by the wonders of childhood. They believe in the importance of surrounding children with natural toys that are safe, beautiful and soothing, and design and create handmade natural fibre art dolls that are all of this and more. With lots of enthusiasm and attention to detail, they create special companions for children to nurture their creativity and imagination.

The dolls are created in the famous Waldorf style, with soft bodies and simple features. They are perfect for play, for cuddling and for taking everywhere. Their open expressions allow a child to project their own emotions onto the doll, their simple style offers endless possibilities for open-ended play and for the imagination. In short, a perfect companion.

Inspired by their own daughters’ desires to be dressed similarly to their favourite dolls, these mamas decided a range girls’ dresses matching the outfits of the dolls would make things even more special – and would enrich the connection between the child and the doll, helping develop a friendship for life.

The handmade dolls are exclusively made from OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified natural fabrics, ribbons and threads and comply with all relevant safety standards.

5 Questions with Maria and Denitza from Ciao Bimba

At Babyccino we are big fans of toys that inspire free play, provide room for creativity and support emotional development. Of those toys that leave room for the magic… Ciao Bimba make beautiful Waldorf-style, all-natural dolls that are all of this and more. The mamas behind this collection have a sweet but meaningful story to ...