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Curating quality pieces for kids that are not only fun, modern and responsibly manufactured but empower them in their everyday routines.
Choulala Kids is a Canadian based boutique offering a unique and special selection of children's fashion, family essentials and toys.

All the products at Choulala Kids come from curated brands which are handpicked to meet quality fabrics, ethical manufacture and modern designs. And they are all run by independent designers, women, or are mom owned!

Here's a collection that that you won't find in other shops.

Obsessed with empowering kids into independence with their everyday routines, Choulala Kids invented the award winning BLAST™ method for wardrobe selection.

It simplifies fashion into five categories, giving the tools to build a child friendly wardrobe that empowers them to self-dress, fostering their independence and confidence.

We love this idea!