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Beautifully crafted footwear for the modern family.
CHAPTER 2 presents beautiful and luxurious everyday shoes & boots for women and children which combine quality, craftsmanship and originality to create beautiful investment pieces.

The shoes are lovingly created by husband and wife team Fay & Tom Murphy -- Fay being the designer and artistic visionary behind the brand, and Tom the shoe maker. Together they source only the best Italian leather and materials, and the products are made in very limited quantities by small family factories in Italy -- ensuring your little one will have an exclusive look.

“Stylish and original -- CHAPTER2 is one of a kind cool!”


Chapter 2 Blog Posts

Playtime Paris standout: Chapter 2
I met Fay from Chapter 2 at the ShopUp last December. She told me all about her new collection of handmade shoes and belts, and so it was lovely see her products in the flesh at Playtime last weekend. The shoes are beautiful and also quite playful and fun in their colours. Chapter 2 was ...