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Timeless Italian clothing made with, and for, love
C'era una volta... is an Italian brand offering timeless clothing for newborn babies through to children aged ten years old. Featuring designs that are delicate, pure and refined, this collection is dedicated to dressing children beautifully, just as they are.

C'era una volta simply means "Once upon a time" in Italian. This brand aims to capture that sense of innocence and joy, to use clothing to share love in its purest form and help make a beautiful childhood.

The dresses, bloomers, shirts, skirts, tops, jackets, pyjamas and swimsuits share a classic elegance. You’ll find lots familiar shapes, pared back styles, ruffles, delicate patterns and beautiful detailing. They also share a soft, comfortable touch. Mamas know that these are key to a piece of clothing that will be worn, and worn, and loved by both adult and child.

This brand is the creation of two Italian mamas who met by chance in a Shanghai bakery. Emanuela is the creative soul, chief designer and founder. From Sardinia, she grew up surrounded by fabrics and yarns, admiring her mother and grandmother creating beautiful handmade embroidery and clothes. Paola, from Treviso, is the brand architect. Both ladies have travelled the world, working through the industry and finding themselves in Asia, desiring the pure European made-with-love styles of their childhood.

Every item is made in limited quantities, handmade by local tailors under the direct supervision of C'era una volta.

“A beautifully classic collection! (And I even saw an option for mamas!)”