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Exquisite, well-considered clothing of the highest quality and with understated charm
REGION: United Kingdom
Everything you'll find at Caramel is perfection down to the smallest detail. Cool without being too trendy, sweet without being baby pink, elegant without being too fancy -- these are timeless clothes your kids can wear both for every day or for special occasions.

This shop offers the most darling selection of baby clothes and a fun-yet-sophisticated collection for boys and girls up to 12 years. Each season brings the most divine colour palette and the most beautiful cuts, pieces that feel at once fresh and a modern classic.

Caramel is the creation of Eva Karayiannis, a mother and former lawyer with a strong vision and immense passion for quality childrenswear. Starting out from her kitchen table, she created a brand focused on understated luxury and using only the finest quality materials.

In a world where it seemed parents had to choose between mass-produced low quality and expensive, glitzy, impractical items, she strove to create pieces with refined simplicity and beautiful detailing. Practical, yet luxurious, items covering every need - from coats to swimsuits, blouses, shoes, bloomers, dresses, scarfs, trousers, jumpers, and so much more...

You can also find a beautifully-edited selection of toys and decor pieces, as well as a selection of fuss-free options (we love!) for mama. Whether it's a simple tee or a beautifully knit baby romper, you really can't go wrong here.

“Absolute perfection! ”


Caramel Blog Posts

Beautiful bedding from Caramel Baby & Child
Last week we put away the moses basket and set up the cot for Marlow. She's 3½ months old now and too big for the moses basket (actually, if I'm honest, I'll admit that she never really slept in there anyway! She's always been in our bed!). So anyway... I'm determined to get her sleeping ...
New Spring/Summer collection from Caramel Baby & Child
I love the shopping in Notting Hill and when I got to spend a lucky few days in London last week I just had to take some time out to step into one of my favourite boutiques there, Caramel Baby & Child. I have always loved their collections but this one has to be a favourite ...
New Autumn/Winter collection at Caramel Baby & Child
Caramel Baby & Child was one of the very first children's labels I discovered when I became pregnant with my first baby back in 2004. I used to sneak into their little boutique just to hold the beautiful baby clothes in my hands... and always walked out feeling extra excited for my baby to arrive! Ten ...
Summery tees from Caramel Baby and Child
Every summer I stock up on the cute short-sleeved tees from Caramel Baby & Child. I buy a few different tees for each of my boys and they pretty much live in them all summer long. These tees are great because they're light-weight and super soft, have a thin and relaxed neck and hem, and ...