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Environmentally friendly, beautiful playmats you’ll want in your living space!
ByAlex’s playmats are both beautiful and functional. These generously sized, environmentally friendly soft mats are covered in a variety of gorgeous fabrics, making them a wonderful addition to your living space or a bedroom. Offering all the benefits of contemporary Dutch design, these are more than a décor addition, a practical way to allow your child to play in comfort or piled up as a perfectly-sized mattress for little overnight guests – they are a magical space that your children can enjoy from the day they are born - and for years to come.

Available covered in a variety of OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics, the mats are perfect next to sensitive skin. They are beautiful yet robust enough to withstand the roughest playtime. The patterned playmat fabrics are 100% cotton, removable and machine washable. Manufactured in the Netherlands, the mats are made from natural materials and are free of all toxins. The playmats are handmade and assembled by steamstesses in the Netherlands with respect for man and nature.

ByAlex also offer a lovely range of complementary variously-shaped cushions in addition to the wonderful, small bed-sized mattresses. They make a perfect mix or match addition to your little reading nook or play space adding extra comfort and possibilities. You’ll also find a little collection of fun toys and games perfect for play on your mat.

ByAlex is the creation of fabric-adoring mama Alex. Experiencing herself the need for soft surfaces and mutli-functional products in the modern home, Alex loves nothing more than the adventure of discovering breathtaking fabrics that meet her exacting standards, in order to make the most beautiful playmats possible.

“Such a beautiful, practical solution! Love!”