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Timeless, convertible, responsibly-produced furniture for the nursery and beyond
Bunny & Clyde is a luxury furniture and interiors lifestyle brand offering heirloom pieces that are useful, well-made, timeless, and designed to adapt and grow up with the family. Design-led sustainability is at the core of everything this brand does – since our world is our children’s ultimate inheritance.

The Ireland and South Africa brand is the creation of sisters Nathalie and Lisa, together with their childhood friend Mariëtte. With a background in art and design, these ladies quickly became frustrated by the mass-produced, generic furniture options they found when they became mamas. Remembering their own childhood, filled with treasures and history, they were inspired to create a collection of pieces that could mean the same for other families.

The collection centers around pieces that not only grow with the child, but hold functions extending beyond the nursery into the home. You’ll find changing stations so beautiful you’ll want them as a cupboard in your living room. Stylish cots that convert to toddler and day beds. Rocking chairs that fit any room. You’ll also find bedding, mattresses and lots of cushions.

All Bunny & Clyde furniture is lovingly hand crafted by a 6th generation father and son woodworking business in rural Ireland from beautiful solid woods and safe natural finishes. They don’t mass-produce -- every piece of furniture is made-to-order especially for the individual family and made to last.

Bunny & Clyde recognise that when we teach our children that products are meant to last a lifetime, we not only teach them sustainable living principles, but also inspire a future generation to instinctively understand and appreciate good design. Their pieces are designed to become enduring features that make the family home - family treasures and family stories to hand down to future generations.

“Well I'd love that change table in my home and I don't have a baby!”