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A complete, comfortable, pack-away bed to take anywhere
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Sleep well with £50 off any Bundle Bed!
REGION: United Kingdom
Goodbye heavy blow up beds and synthetic sleeping bags, Bundle Beds are here to offer a great night’s sleep – anywhere! They’re perfect for sleeping over, sleeping out, camping and adventures.

Clever and comfortable, a Bundle Bed is a self-contained bed that offers all you need for sleeping outside the home. Each bundle is complete with a slim but deceptively comfortable mattress and a built-in, luxury duvet and pillow. The setup even includes ultra cosy sheets to provide comfort, warmth and a great night's sleep.

The bundle includes all the elements you need -- the high quality, highly functional version of these elements, that is! The mattress self-inflates, the outer is water resistant, the duvet, moisture wicking,… The pillow feels like down and the sheets are jersey.

Beds measure a generous 190 x 60cm when unrolled. Two beds can be joined together to make a double bed, with the simple addition of a double sheet.

The Bundle Bed is unclipped, unrolled, unzipped and it’s ready to use. And when you’re done, it’s just as quick to pack away! Available in a series of colours, they are durable, washable and practical. They’re made of sustainable materials and manufactured ethically.

“I love this idea - no synthetics in sight!”