Fuelling children's curiosity and learning with monthly educational activity boxes
REGION: United Kingdom
Brainboost is an activity subscription box for 2-12 year old children packed with educational activities and all the resources needed to play. Created by Child Development expert and founder, Dr Maryhan Baker, the boxes focus on promoting the five core skills for academic and social success, namely; Communication, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence, Physical and Intellectual skill. Brainboost gives parents an accessible tool to help their children learn and grow, safe in the knowledge that they will be having fun at the same time. Their activities are carefully designed and thoroughly tested, and each month there are new, fun challenges ready to arrive on your doorstep.
Brainboost hand-pack all their boxes and tailor them specifically to your child’s age and stage of development. All you have to do is complete a simple questionnaire about your child, choose between a regular or more extensive package and they take care of all the rest. So easy!

“Really fun, worthwhile activities! A lot of thought has clearly gone into each box”