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'Sew at home' fashion kits!
A Printed Wardrobe is a fashion studio that does things differently: they design fashion kits to sew at home in a fun and collaborative way.

Each style by A Printed Wardrobe comes as a 'sew your own' fashion kit. These simple-to-make clothes are designed so kids can join in the making process: from helping with sections of the sewing, to adding their own designer touches by choosing different pockets and accessories.

The collection of dresses and skirts for girls aged 3 to 8 are instantly recognisable by their classic yet relaxed silhouettes and the trompe l’oeil inspired prints, such as sequins, lace and even stitching. There are styles to suit all sewing levels and kits include easy to follow, step by step instructions. You will find everything you need to complete your own, unique piece of clothing!

Also included are little mix + match dolls outfits -- the perfect first steps for kids to learn how to sew!

By redeveloping dressmaking skills in the cause of slow fashion, A Printed Wardrobe aim to inspire a new generation of designer makers. So clever and creative!

“We love these kits, so fun!”