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Bohemian embroidered baby and childrenswear with a strong folk influence
Apolina offer a beautiful collection of bohemian baby and childrenswear. These are gorgeous pieces – tunics, dresses, bonnets, jumpsuits, bloomers, rompers, waistcoats – in beautiful colours, inspired by far-off places, evoking childhood memories and sitting beautifully against a natural background. With comfortable, versatile, loose fits they are perfect for free play in the great outdoors and for layering up and down through the seasons. They can be worn for many years! Each piece features stunning, intricate embroidery, making for unique pieces you’ll be bound to treasure.
Apolina is the creation of fashion industry mama and bohemian embroidered dress-lover Caroline. When her first daughter came along Caroline’s head filled with memories of the cherished clothing from her own childhood; dresses hand-embroidered by her own grandmother, 1970s hand-me-downs from older cousins… When she searched for similar for her own girls she found she had a task on her hands and the idea for Apolina was born – the idea of creating a line of inspiring childrenswear reflecting Caroline’s own personal style, for like-minded mamas and their beautiful free-spirited babies.
All garments are proudly and ethically made in India, at a small family-run sample workshop. They are 'small batch' production and the free-hand machine embroidery is created by true artisans.