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An information platform focused on wellbeing, food, health and consciousness -- balancing the body, mind and soul.
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REGION: United Kingdom
Alma Deli is a London based concept -- a journey to integrate all parts of the self: the body, the mind and the soul. This integration is both internal as external, so their program has a broad variety.

To align the physical, the emotional and the spirit, Alma Deli runs an eco-natural, plant based café with healthy chakra bowls, but also offers weekly workshops. 'Healing with Herbs' and 'Plant-based Cooking' are some of the adult classes Alma Deli has on their schedule.

From birth until the age of 7, children are conscious and aligned with their natural state. This knowledge inspired Alma Deli to create Alma Kids -- an initiative to introduce Alma's holistic and well-being concept to children and create consciousness from a young age. The key to living a more mindful, balanced and elevated life!

Weekly kids classes like Yoga, Dance, Music, Cooking, Art and Music are centred around the consciousness of children and are focused on balancing the body, mind and soul.

“Feed not only your body, feed your SELF.”