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An intersection between style, practicality, and social contribution in kid’s fashion.
Age to Come apparel is a line of sophisticated streetwear, perfectly adjusted to the needs of smaller people aged 3 - 10. These are no simple-shaped basics -- designs are edgy and ultra modern, grown-up yet entirely child-appropriate. Items are exceedingly comfortable and of the highest quality. Fabrics are super soft and each piece is created with a comfy cotton base layer. Age to Come are fully aware of kids’ overwhelming desire for clothes that feel nice. And of every parent’s needs for clothes that look good, but are practical too. The colour palette is limited to black, white, and grey and many items are reversible, making the collection simple to combine with existing wardrobes, gender neutral, and perfect for handing on. Indeed offering clothing that is sustainable - and with the power to do good - is another key point for this brand. Age to Come was created by design industry mum Linsey, who having created her own clothes for her children saw a chance to create something really special. Her vision is to close the gap between the fashionable and the functional in our kids’ clothes, and to do so whilst contributing to communities -- especially to the community surrounding Age to Come’s production in Ningbo, China. We think this is a really special collection!

5 Questions with Michele and Linsey from Age to Come Apparel

One of our favourite things about the ShopUp is that it gives us the chance to meet up with the lovely people behind our boutiques. It turns out that for Age to Come Apparel (who joined us in LA, and are coming to our London event, hurray!), the ShopUp is a chance for the two ...

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Age to Come
My daughter Coco has two distinct requirements when it comes to her clothes: comfy and cool! This luckily enough seems to be the same philosophy as the new label Age to Come Apparel. This capsule collection of cotton, easy-to-wear items fits the bill perfectly. One of our favourite items is the cute, reversible cape, that can be ...