European Baby Clothes

Comfortable baby clothing doesn't necessary mean you have to compromise on style. European baby clothes tend to be extremely soft, cosy and comfortable, but are very stylish as well!

organic european baby brands

organic european baby clothes

European baby clothes are often very subtle in colours -- it's not just pink, or baby blue but also about beautiful muted shades like grey, ivory and plum. Beautiful, for both boys as girls. You won't see big logos very often, but stripes and cute patterns like gingham are used a lot as well as Liberty of London fabrics. Materials like cashmere and silk are not shied away from, but embraced -- not just for special occasions.

organic baby clothing europe

european baby clothing

French baby clothing tends to be more classic and timeless, chic in a way, with muted colours. Whereas Scandinavian baby clothes are fun and funky, and colours are more bright. Then there is a lovely selection of Belgian brands as well, which tends to be veryfun and fashionable.

Scandinavian baby brands

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