The Argonaute

May 13, 2010

A girlfriend of mine came to visit us in Paris with her 2 boys who were 8 and 10. I was at a complete loss on how to entertain them. Playing with my girls entertained them mildly,  but when their mother and I suggested hitting the shops we had a bit of a mutiny on our hands…and who could blame them?

So I did a bit of research and it turns out there is a ton of fun things for boys to do in Paris, that I had never, ever heard about… one of them was the Argonaute, a  1950s submarine that was decommissioned in the ’80s and is now a museum. I had never been inside a submarine before and to see how a crew lived underwater for weeks on end and how a submarine works was fascinating.

To tour the Argonaute, visitors are given an audio guide that is available in several languages and really easy to listen to. The Argonaute is based right beside the Villette Science Museum and very close to the Villette play areas, so you can combine all three and make the visit into a day trip.

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