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A birthday party in London. Celebrating TEN years!!
Yesterday was an absolutely amazing morning for all of us!  With our entire team in London, we gathered with friends, shop members and fellow bloggers to celebrate the past ten years of our little company.  It was such an honour for us to be surrounded by so many inspiring people and to really celebrate the ...
Our annual Holiday Gift Guides!
I am literally still finding places to stash the Halloween candies away... and holiday season is already slowly making its way into our consciousness. To top it all off, it has even started snowing in Paris! Not long and it did not settle -- but enough to get us into the mood and bring out ...
Lovely Kids, Barcelona
As we know well, not all shops were created equal, and what makes Lovely Kids special, apart from having a lovely selection of toys, is that they also do a lot of charity work, and donate many toys to kids hospitals. Lovely Kids have four shops in Barcelona, and each time we pass in front of one of them ...
Marie Puce, timeless Parisian chic for all ages
As I mentioned before, finding the right style for a nine-year-old can be tricky. It is a funny age, when children are still children but also teenagers at the same time. Luckily boutiques like Marie Puce have a great selection of clothes for older kids. I love their style - it is at the same time ...
Let it go!
Last Saturday the girls and I went to a music festival; we listened to music, danced and had a generally great time. But we got home very late and the girls were tired, so after putting them to bed I decided to test something: the next day I was going to let it go! (Like ...
Travel Kids - by Babyccino Kids and Lalé
I am beyond excited to tell you about our first ever limited edition design made in collaboration with the very talented French designer Lalé. The Travel Kids sets are the ultimate little travel comfort kits especially designed for children — aimed to make traveling with little ones more comfortable and fun. They're ideal to take on planes, trains ...
Just say No?
In a recent parent-teacher meeting at my girls' school, the teachers brought up some interesting points. They were not worried about the lack of support coming from parents, but interestingly were more concerned that, in the last few years, it appears parents want to be friends with their children rather than an authority figure. In ...
Happy Holidays from us to you!
We took advantage of Maud Fontein's photobooth set-up at The ShopUp and got a sneaky photo of the three of us so we could send you our very own holiday card! : ) Happy Holidays from the three of us! We hope you have a joyful and relaxing holiday season. We'll be taking a bit ...
Mark your diaries: Presenting The ShopUp!
We are really, really excited to announce some BIG news: we are organising our first ever LIVE shopping event!!  The ShopUp will be held in London this coming December and will bring together a selection of the finest shops and brands all under one roof! We're thrilled to offer the chance to shop the good ...
Courtney's five favourite posts
How fun to look back at the past year of posts! It always reminds me how much I really do love our blog. As usual, it was really difficult to narrow down a list... but here are five of my favourites from the past year: Three children is perfect (for us) because I share the ...
Take advantage of our Special Deals!
Did you know that every month we have a whole host of great shops offering exclusive deals to Babyccino Kids readers?! So many cute items at 15 to 25% off... like the alphabet poster from L'Affiche Moderne, the adorable knitted dolls from Dents de Loup, the new baby alpaca hoodie from Waddler, the little wooden ...
Get our travel tips and give us yours at Gogobot!
Want to know what I thought about the London Eye? You can read my review on Gogobot here. Gogobot is a newly launched social travel site which offers personalised travel tips and recommendations via your social network. It works like this: you sign up and then add all your Facebook and Twitter pals to join ...
Exciting news! (and changes ahead)
We have something exciting to tell you... No, no-one is pregnant, but it did take about 9 months to develop! Next week, on the first of June, we're launching a new website. It will be a shopping portal, where we'll present to you a selection of our favourite online children's boutiques! We feel that the ...
Free gift tags from Mrs Booth for all Babyccino readers!
It is soon that time of year again. The holidays are coming up very quickly and people are getting ready to wrap loads of presents! I don't know if this ever happens to you, but I routinely run out of paper and accessories and often have to write down people's names with a marker on ...
What's in a name?
Did you see? We changed our logo and we also adopted a new URL! Instead of Babyccino we will here forth be known as Babyccino Kids (www.babyccinokids.com).  We're super excited to have added the little extra to our name; I mean, we are growing, just like our kids, who are not all babies anymore (although they don't seem ...



Chirp chirp! These fingerprint cards are super easy and quick to make so if you are in need of a last-minute Easter card read on. ⭐️ You will need: Yellow water colour paint (water and a paintbrush to mix) Plain white card folded in half Black felt tip pen Orange felt tip pen (We found water colours worked great but any yellow paint will do). ⭐️ Mix up some yellow water colour paint, dip a finger into the paint and then place firmly onto the front of a folded piece of card. Repeat and cover the whole card with yellow fingerprints leaving some gaps for the feet and beaks. ⭐️ Once the paint has dried add some little black legs and feet, a dot for the eye and an orange beak. The beaks look great all pointing in different directions. ⭐️ What we love about these cute cards are their randomness. It’s such a simple idea that children of any age can get involved. Anything goes here, long legs/ short legs, big beaks/little beaks!! We guarantee they’ll look great in any style and they will definitely bring a smile to a loved ones face. #babyccinokids #babyccinocrafts #eastercards @soloskates
8 hours ago
Hoppy paper doll bunnies from @laraoflondon were super easy. Just accordion fold a long strip of white paper and cut out! Then add ears, eyes, and a few accessories of course! #babyccinocrafts #babyccinokids #paperdolls #easterbunny
20 hours ago
Decorations that don’t waste too many precious cooking ingredients... yes please! We love this simple salt dough recipe!🧂 1 cup flour 1/2 cup salt 1/2 cup water 1. Preheat the oven to 120 °C and line baking tray with baking paper. 2. Mix flour and salt in the bowl then gradually add water, stirring until combined. 3. Turn dough onto lightly floured surface, roll out until about 7mm thick and transfer to baking tray. 4. Then all you need is an egg-shaped cookie cutter, which is easy to find at this time of the year. Cut them out and make a hole in each about a centimeter from the top edge. Bake on 120C for about three hours turning them once after about 2 hours. 5. Now paint both sides with one color or each in different and wait to dry completely. 6. After about an hour you can draw your favorite designs on the eggs (again, one or both sides). 7. Leave for about 12 hours or overnight to dry and finish them with glossy varnish. (Clear nail polish works nicely.) 8. Now just string the twine or a fishing line through holes and you’re done! 9. Place on branches or hang around the home. 10. Enjoy! 🥚🧂 More Easter ideas in our bio! #babyccinokids #babyccinocrafts #eastercraftsforkids #saltdoughornaments
1 day ago
Paper, glue, scissors... make your own sweet bunny ears to create more fun for your Easter at home. It’s a 5 minute craft and 100% recycled scraps friendly! See @laraoflondon ‘s idea in the bio and customise the colours for your little ! #babyccinokids #babyccinocrafts
2 days ago
Hello Easter! We have over ninety crafts, recipes & blog posts (yes, that’s 90!) for this season we adore. So click on the bio link and get inspired. And stay tuned as we share all week — natural egg dyeing, making edible egg nests, cakes, salads, cards, decor, and more! #babyccinokids #babyccinoeats #babyccinocrafts #easter
3 days ago
Schedules? Routines? We have pointers from week three of being indoors. More on today’s blog. @estherbabyccino #babyccinokids
4 days ago
How can we manage worrying information around our children? Today’s blog post looks at these ‘unprecedented’ times. With news reels, articles, conversations, not only between adults but children too that are hard to ignore. It is impossible to shield our children from the worries and events of the wider world, and important to share some truths with them about what is happening. We are, as Maria Montessori put it, “Citizens of the World” and our children will be the ones to inherit it. Being in lockdown, (hello to everyone at home!) can make for a really good environment to nurture discussion, as we have time to drip feed explanations, observe reactions and unpick tricky questions. There are some simple ways we can help stem and support the flow of information, manage anxieties and make sense of the world around us all. So today we have tips in our bio, so click on the link and share with loved ones. And please stay safe. #babyccinokids #explainingcoronavirustokids @themontessoristudio
5 days ago
The Dictionary of Difficult Words by Jane Solomon is a great hit. It is filled with over 400 whimsical words which continually amaze us ... words like ‘bumbershoot’, ‘spaghettification’, ‘hurdy-gurdy’ and ‘ombudsman’ are carefully described and fantastically illustrated by Louise Lockhart. I mean how cool is the word ‘hurdy-gurdy’?! Read more about the book on today’s blog. #babyccinokids #babyccinoreads @vanessa_wild_flours
6 days ago
Art for everyone... Julie from @famillesummerbelle shared this beautiful print for colouring in fun. Print out available in our bio. Enjoy. ️ @estherbabyccino @famillesummerbelle #famillesummerbelle
6 days ago
We’ve had a full-on week with home learning (as you all have I imagine) and managed to survive (just) the week in the house together. But this morning I felt we all needed a little time out from the work and we did maths through baking by making these delicious cookies. They were out of the oven just in time for a mid-morning brain break. I think we’ve tried every recipe for chocolate chip cookies but this is our favourite and today I thought I’d share it with you. I must warn you, they are not the healthiest, but during these times I think we are all in need of a little treat. Thanks to @vanessa_wild_flours for this idea ... and click on our bio for her yummy recipe! #babyccinokids #babyccinoeats
1 week ago
Here’s a video of our latest ShopUp in East London (shot and edited by our lovely and talented friend Nadine Brandt). It encapsulates the ShopUp atmosphere really, really well, and it makes us so excited for the next one!
1 year ago
Our beautiful new book, '9 months: A month by month guide to pregnancy' for the family to share, is AVAILABLE NOW! You can order it here: UK: http://amzn.to/2n6eCT7 / US: http://amzn.to/2nVWOZo / AUS: http://bit.ly/2nDYggy
2 years ago
Check out our new book! 9 months: A month by month guide to pregnancy for the family to share. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE: UK: http://amzn.to/2n6eCT7 / US: http://amzn.to/2nVWOZo / AUS: http://bit.ly/2nDYggy
3 years ago
Check out the cool vibes of our Shop Up event in London in December!
3 years ago
Our 2nd live shopping event in Brooklyn was amazing! Great shopping, delicious treats, tons of kids activities and a super cool family photo booth!
3 years ago
Esther shows us her recipe for delicious mint syrup.
3 years ago
Our live shopping event in London at Chelsea Old Town Hall in 2015 was a big success and so much fun.
3 years ago
Here we show you how to harvest rhubarb from the garden, and make it into a delicious compote. If you make oatmeal at the same time, you have made a delicious and nutritious breakfast that your family will love! (Ours do!)
3 years ago
This gym bag is such a fun and easy project, also for beginners this is a nice sewing project. Esther, Emilie and the kids had so much fun going to the market choosing all the supplies. The fabrics from Little Cube are the cutest!
3 years ago
Our first live shopping event in Brooklyn was a great success. We loved seeing the best boutiques under one roof, combined with great food and fun activities...and some dancing! Hope to see everyone this year again on September 18th & 19th at 501 Union, 501 Union Street in Brooklyn.
4 years ago