Personalised papercut prints from couPure Baby Art

I recently got Marlow a personalised print from couPure Baby Art and I think it makes a cute addition to the wall behind her bed. CouPure Baby Art specialises in beautiful, custom papercut prints, incorporating your child’s name and birthdate into the design. Such a cute idea for a baby gift or simply just to personalise a nursery.

I opted for the Lucky Ladybird print, but there are loads of other themes to choose from. And all you have to do is enter your child’s name and birthdate, and they’ll create your custom print for you. I also like that the prints are shipped framed and ready to hang – it makes it so easy!

x Courtney

Cardboard London Dollhouse

This cardboard London dollhouse is the most recent dollhouse from Tiphaine Mangan in her new series featuring homes from around the world. I love that she captures the quintessential London terraced house so well!

Each dollhouse comes with 13 flat-packed cardboard furniture pieces for children to assemble and set up in the house as well as a sheet of stickers to decorate the house. What a fun little activity (a cute Christmas gift too!) … and I love the idea of hanging it on the wall in your child’s room when she’s no longer interested in playing with it! I think it looks so cute in the photo above.

x Courtney

Tips for decorating your child’s space

Children are so playful and fun and it has been very rewarding for to me to represent a child’s personality through their space.  A child’s space doesn’t have to follow all the rules that adult spaces follow and can be more whimsical and creative.

I thought it might be fun and hopefully helpful to share a few of my tips for decorating children’s space:

Tip # 1:  Give your children a space where they can be creative and express freely.  I think it’s important to provide a space for productivity; drawing, painting, and sculpting.  Children learn to problem solve by being creative and making “messes”.  This “creative nook” doesn’t have to take up much space, and can be a wall or a small desk.  My children love drawing on Maja’s large chalkboard wall.  And it has also helped eliminate my daughters desire to draw on all the walls and furniture in our home.

Tip #2:  Keep books, toys, and clothing easily accessible to encourage healthy independence.  For example, in my daughter’s room I have kept most of her clothing hung low where she can reach and dress herself, along with her favorite toys and books. The storage items that I would not like her getting in to are kept in the red bins on the top shelf.

Tip #3:  Give your child an everyday environment that is warm and inviting.  For example, in my children’s bathroom we have framed prints taken from some of our favorite sea voyaging books.  As well as other small accessories and pops of color that add warmth to the bathroom, and make it feel more childlike and a fun place to spend time.

If you’d like to see our entire home as well as some more of my ideas on decorating you can see our home tour featured on Design Mom.

- Meta

p.s. To read more from Meta, visit her inspiring and creative blog One More Mushroom.

Unique children’s room accessories from Boramiri

Pinterest is a dangerous, dangerous place. I can spend hours up there. Literally. I always promise myself to stop as soon as I find the thing I’m looking for but I end up with about 20+ new bookmarks. At least! And consequently with a thinner wallet as well.

This is how I also found this darling French boutique Boramiri started by Bora Lee, an illustrator and graphic designer from Paris with Korean origins. Inspired by both worlds she decided to combine them by using French fabrics and Korean design and the outcome is one outrageously cute collection of ragdolls and room accessories for kids and babies. I think we need the cat pouf in our lives!


To read more from Polona, go to her cute blog Baby Jungle!

Sharing a room — a girl’s and boy’s side

Sara and Pim have shared a room since Pim was born. I recently asked them if, when we have a bigger house, they would like to have separate rooms or still share. They both said they still would like to share! So sweet. Sara is now 8, and Pim is 6, and I imagine that in a few years they will think differently. But for now, they’re happy together.

They share a fairly big room, and I tried to decorate it to each give them their own ‘identity’ in the room, with a more boyish and a more girly side. The rest of the room is unisex. Checked red and white curtains and a huge wallpaper tree by Inke bring the two sides together and make the room ‘one’.

To give Pim’s side of the room a more boyish appearance, we painted a big blue square above his bed. We put up the beautiful house shelf boxes by Ferm Living to display some of his treasures, and a sweet knitted garland by OeufNYC. On his bed the gorgeous harlequin bedding of Olli Ella, and a personalised pillow from Petiotes. Beauregards the Wolf doll is from BlaBla Kids.

Sara’s side is definitely girly — we bought her antique bed on Ebay and painted it white, and I made her a flowery patchwork quilt myself last winter from a batch of Liberty fabric scraps.

You can find the sweet mushroom nightlight at YadaYada, and the Maileg mice at Sisters Guild.

Pretty soon, Casper is moving in with Ava as well — Ava is looking forward to it!
Do your children share rooms? Did you, as a child? (I’m an only child, so I always had my own room!)

xxx Esther

A fantastic Glow In The Dark Owl Poster

How cool is this Glow in the Dark owl poster? Fast asleep during the day, but when the lights go out, Mister Owl wakes up and keeps an eye out for whoever needs the reassurance. It is available in a fantastic neon pink or orange, and (literally) brightens up any kids room.

Available from the wonderful lifestyle & gift shop, The Kid Who.

xxx Esther

Hartendief lamps

Even though we have been living in our current house for over three years, Ava still had a temporary lamp up in her room… until this weekend! We finally installed the adorable ‘miracle lamp‘ from Dutch design company Hartendief. Hylkia, the sweet and super creative owner behind Hartendief, introduced the ‘miracle lamps’ a little while ago, and I love how clever they are.

When switched off, the lamp is plain white with just a few simple balloons on the outside. Only a faint outline indicates what will happen once you switch the light on — a whole parade of darling animals appears, each holding one of the balloons!

I love the simplicity of the concept and the attention to detail with which it is carried out. The drawings of the animals are truly adorable, and the light gives a darling atmosphere in the room — switched on or off. So sweet! I bet every child would love to have this lamp in his or her room… Ava surely does!

xxx Esther

Kalon Studios

I’m in the middle of designing my youngest daughter’s nursery and keep coming back again and again to so many pieces from Kalon Studios. Their cribs and dressers are gorgeous and have such a harmony in design that they feel perfect for what should be the most soothing space in your home, your child’s room.

They use 100% natural, eco-friendly materials, and many of the pieces are designed to grow with your child. I particularly love their Caravan line and the hut hut, such a genius reinterpretation of a rocking horse!


To read more from Elizabeth, visit her sweet blog The Littlest.

Cheeky Monkey Home

Cheeky Monkey Home has the cutest collection of pillows, floor cushions and murals, all made from 100% wool felt and available in fun, bright colours. The designer, Holly, makes each piece to order in her studio in Belmont, MA (USA) where she hand cuts the felt appliqués, hand embroiders all the details, and then machine stitches the products to ensure durability.

I was in touch with Holly earlier this summer and she kindly sent me one of her Dala Horse throw pillows as a gift for my children, complete with a hand embroidered message on the back. I squeezed it into my suitcase and lugged it back with us to London, and it’s now sitting proudly on the sofa in our playroom. We love it!

I also really like the whale design and love the look of the floor cushions – so cute! All her products are made-to-order and available from the Cheeky Monkey Home Etsy store.

x Courtney

New collection at La De Dah Kids

I love the new collection at La De Dah. The large crochet softies are amazing, aren’t they? That whale is so cool!!! (I think I need it to decorate my boys’ bed!)

We have some of their baby toys and crochet hand rattles, and Marlow loves them. They’re really so cute, and fit perfectly into little hands.

I also love the look of the new crochet storage baskets (I think I’ve got a basket obsession), and of course the bean bags too.

The new collection is available online at La De Dah.

xx Courtney

Handmade quilts from Naaya by Moonlight

Naaya by Moonlight is a newly launched line of children’s bedding and is one of our newest boutique members — we love the look of the handmade cotton quilts featuring sweet block-printed animal designs (I think the whale is my favourite)!

Chaandni from Naaya recently sent me one of her quilts and I’m so glad she did because I love it even more in person. It’s super soft to touch, lightweight for summer, but still warm for winter, and I love the contrasting fabric on the backside. It’s perfect for playtime or even used as a blanket in a cot or child’s bed. And because of the special handmade nature, it would make a really great baby gift. I’m certain we will treasure ours for a very long time.

x Courtney

Ruby and Joy, sweet handmade homewares

Scotland-based, Nicola Goring, from Ruby and Joy recently sent me a couple of her sweet handmade cushions and I love the pretty fabrics she uses. What a lovely little Etsy shop! Her little elephant and whale cushions are cute for a baby’s nursery, and I love her pretty heart-shaped lavender cushions too.

All the products are handmade with love in her wee little studio in Scotland. I love promoting little brands like this one!

x Courtney


There is something special about selecting a quilt for your child. Elodie has a quilt that was handed down from her great great grandmother but I was hoping to find something a little different for my baby Francesca’s nursery. Hopewell Workshop provides a colorful, modern take on this very traditional art form.

The Los Angeles based company was founded by two friends – both artists and mothers – with a desire to create a line of artisanal products. It is so refreshing to hold a beautiful heirloom piece in your hand – one that both you and your little one will appreciate.

- Elizabeth

Olli Ella bed linen

What’s not to love about the new Harlequin bedding collection from Olli Ella? I recently got Pim the Harlequin Single Bed Set in dusk, and I’m so impressed with everything. First of all, the wrapping is impeccable, with beautiful tags and ribbons and a matching little tote bag. Then, the quality is fantastic — it is made from 100% organic, soft and durable, high quality cotton, printed with natural water-based inks and are free from nasty harsh chemicals. I still have some of my own sheets from when I was a child (bright yellow and orange from the ’70s!), and this is the sort of quality that will definitely survive to be on my grandchildren’s beds as well. I also like that the entire Olli Ella collection is handmade in England, and, of course, the print is wonderful — so stylish, and it fits in every sort of interior.

xxx Esther

Happy Vintage

Esther is the sort of person who can walk down the road in any given country and see pieces that other people considered trash and realise that it is actually a lovely vintage piece. (She still talks about the Eames armchairs she found on the streets of Manhattan).

Me, not so much. I walk past every skip and it does not even occur to me to have a peek in, to look for treasures. That is actually quite sad for me, as I love, love vintage. Especially since I have had kids, I hark back to the good old days, when toys did not have batteries and furniture made out of cane and molded plastic was all the rage.

Luckily, like Esther, there are some people who seem to have that salvage gene. Check out the great French vintage children’s shop, Happy Vintage. They seems to have managed to source a huge amount of lovely toys, objects, posters and lots more just for people like me! The website is actually only in French but super easy to navigate and translate with Google!

- Emilie

Yellow Velvet embroidered cushions

I have so many children’s drawings flying around my house, I think I could fill up a gallery. But there are some that are actually really good (obviously I am subjective), which I really want to keep. Some are hanging on our kitchen cupboards, but I also like the idea I stumbled upon on the super cool cushion shop Yellow Velvet. They take your kids drawing and make it into a sweet embroidered pillow.  I think a cushion like that would be so nice to have in a children’s room.

They also make cushion’s out of Instagram photos, which I also love the idea of!

- Emilie

The Henrik Bed

Our lovely contributor, Meta, has recently designed and is now selling this beautiful and perfectly child-friendly-yet-super-stylish children’s bed. Isn’t it perfect? I wish I was in the market for a new bed for my children. I would opt for this one for sure!

Meta, an Interior Designer/blogger, designed the Henrik Bed for her son’s fifth Birthday after searching for quite some time and not being able to find exactly what she was looking for. She wanted something modern and simple, yet with a retro feel. She teamed up with a master craftsman who has been building furniture for over thirty years and together they created the perfect bed.

The bed is a twin bed fitting a standard twin mattress and is made from locally sourced Maple wood. The headboard measures 40″ high, the footboard measures 30″ high, and the bed is 42″ wide. The prices are as follows: solid wood natural finish–$800, painted white–$850, the dip (pictured)–$875.

If you’re interested in purchasing the bed, please get in touch with Meta at [email protected] You can also visit her blog for more details.

x Courtney

Map of Europe

We have been travelling around a fair bit lately. Europe is so easy, especially if you live on the continent. We don’t even fly that much! We can jump on a train 15 minutes away from our flat and be in London in 2 hours, Amsterdam in 3 hours and Italy in 5 hours. It is so easy! But part of traveling is actually learning about where we are going and where all the different places are. And to do that, you do need a map.

I love this one by English Muffin, I love the fresh colour and how easy it is to spot all the different countries. I also like the way it makes Europe look like the only thing in the world, floating in a blue ocean, even though it is only this tiny little part of the world!

- Emilie

Musical Jewellery Box

My friend, Mo, gives the best presents. I told her recently that I’m going to consult her from now on before giving gifts because she always nails it, both for kids and for adults. For Ivy’s recent birthday, she gave her this musical jewellery box and I thought it was such a sweet little gift, so perfect for a 4-year-old girl. Of course Ivy LOVES it!

When you open the lid of the jewellery box a twirling ballerina dances to the music. There are also three little drawers to store treasures. So sweet.  (There are many similar optioins on Amazon, but I like that this one is not pink and princessy.)

x Courtney

British Garden Birds Poster

We recently hung a bird feeder in the apple tree right outside our kitchen window, and it has been so much fun to watch all the garden birds help themselves to the birdseed. There are moments where we can spot three or four different birds taking turns flying up to our bird feeder, meanwhile pigeons (and squirrels!) help themselves to the seeds which fall onto the ground. The kids love pointing out the different birds we spot in the garden, which is why I knew they would love this new British Garden Birds Poster from Finch and Robin. The poster details 10 different garden birds, and we’ve hung it right on the wall by our kitchen table so that we can reference it every time we spot them.

I also like that £2 per poster is being donated to the RSPB Scotland to help save wildlife.

x Courtney

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