New (for me) Elle MacPherson nursing bra

I’m a big fan of Elle MacPherson nursing bras. They’re elegant, fit well, and stay in super shape (I still have a pair from when I was nursing Sara, now 7 years old)! I love the Maternelle (it’s super comfy), the La Mere (it’s sexy), and I was excited to discover that there now is a new model, the Light of the Moon, which I ordered immediately. And again — a winner! I think a nice selection of well fitting and elegant nursing bras are essential when you’re planning to breastfeed for a longer period of time, which I am, so I’m super excited with my new bra.
Available through Séraphine (online, or for locations in the UK check here).

xxx Esther

Séraphine multi-functional nursing shawl

I love the versatility of this nursing shawl from Séraphine! What a perfect piece — lovely to wear as a throw or a scarf when you’re pregnant (it’s super comfy to wear and looks very stylish), great to use as a nursing cover when it’s a bit chilly or you feel very exposed, and handy to have around as a blanket or swaddle for the baby. Best of all — this piece won’t lose it’s attractiveness after pregnancy and nursing — I’m sure it will stay a staple in my wardrobe! Available at Séraphine (online or at one of the shops).

xxx Esther

HATCH Maternity

I recently got some photos taken with my kids by the talented Sara Welch when I was home in the US this summer. Because I’m usually the one behind the camera it’s rare to find a photo of me with my kids, so it’s a special treat to have these photos. It’s also sort of fun to document my growing baby bump, no matter the qualms I have of my big pregnant body. I keep telling myself that this is the last time I’ll ever be pregnant, and I should enjoy my body, enjoy this feeling of carrying around a baby inside of me… and all the pains (and gains!) that come with it.

I wore my shirt dress from HATCH for the photos. I finally decided to invest in a few of their dresses, and I’m so happy I did. I’m really psyched about them because I think I’ll still be able to wear them even after the pregnancy is over and my body has (hopefully) gone back to normal. A worthwhile investment for sure!

Anyway, I wanted to share these photos with you. Might be the last time I ‘show off’ this baby bump. I’ve got 10 weeks to go!

xx Courtney

Oeuf Mood Kit

I met Fanny Granier at Playtime in Paris and she introduced me to her innovative product, the Oeuf Mood Kit. The kit is aimed at pregnant women of all shapes and sizes and consists of a legging, a spaghetti strap top and a long sleeved top. The tops are snapped to the legging with little buttons, and the result is a very soft and comfortable layer that serves as a base to dress further (or to simply wear as is for lounging or yoga). I’ve been wearing an Oeuf Mood Kit recently and I’ve completely fallen for it! It is indeed super, super comfortable, perfect for hot or cold days, and it gently stretches around all of those curves. It’s just so easy to wear! Throw something cute over it, pair with comfortable flats or boots and voila, off you go! I’m sure I will wear the mood kit loads, even after pregnancy — and beyond!

xxx Esther

Pretty, feel-good maternity wear from Koka Mama

Last week I made a quick one-day visit to London, for the opening of the  Koka Mama pop-up shop in the Hop Like a Bunny store near Holland Park. I felt quite like a business woman, traveling from Amsterdam to London like that, and despite the stress of nearly missing my flight both ways (guess I’m not so much of a business woman after all), I had a really fun day. Hop Like a Bunny is a darling little shop with the best selection of some of our favourite brands, and I’m glad Maria (the owner) partnered with Tamara from Koka Mama because the beautiful children’s clothes and maternity fashion truly complements each other.

Koka Mama is a new maternity brand, with wonderful, easy-to-wear pieces that can be dressed up or down, and will also make extremely flattering additions to your wardrobe after your pregnancy. (In other words — these are gorgeous, timeless items that every woman will love, cut in a way so you can also look beautiful in them if you happen to be pregnant.) Courtney and I are so happy that we invested in a few key pieces from the Koka Mama collection — already getting a lot of use out of each piece. In the photo, Courtney is wearing the gorgeous Dress with Tie, and I’m wearing the silk chiffon Full Length Dress which I love.

The Koka Mama pop-up shop will be at Hop Like a Bunny until the 15th of July, and there will be a great discount on all the wonderful fashion. If you’re not in London, Koka Mama is also offering an exclusive 20% off to all Babyccino Kids readers (check here for details).

xxx Esther

Bouncing boobs, and better bras

My fourth pregnancy, my poor boobs. The last 7 years, they’ve gone from a nice, average C cup to an enormous size F (no kidding), and after breastfeeding periods (having to endure engorgement and nipple cloves and the like) back to pitiful creations barely having the chance to recover from it all or hey, there we go again. One thing I found out over the years is that it is essential to wear a good fitting bra at all times, whatever the size or shape or function of your boobs at that particular moment, giving the right support and pushing and lifting a little in the right places whenever possible. The newly developed Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra from Cake Lingerie is great. I’m wearing it all the time. It’s seamless, soft, super comfortable and its stretchiness allows it to sort of ‘grow’ with your changing boob size during the pregnancy and after. And I like that powdery pink colour (it comes in grey as well), and the fun halter shape at the back!

xxx Esther

In hopes of a stylish pregnancy

I just spent a good long time on Pinterest filling my brain with images of stylishly dressed pregnant women. Not sure if I feel better or worse! On one hand, when I look at photos of gorgeous pregnant women I feel optimistic that it’s possible to be stylish in pregnancy… but in reality, I don’t have a supermodel’s body (shame!) and I find it really tricky to be stylish and comfortable.

But… with a growing baby bump and clothes which are getting tight and uncomfortable, I spent the past week investing in a few maternity pieces which I’m hoping will help keep things somewhat fashionable around here. Here are a few good maternity pieces I found:

  • I invested in a pair of Koka-Mama black leggings. They are the best! They’re nice and thick, so you feel more like you are wearing a trouser, but they’re as comfortable as a legging (I wear these practically every day).
  • I also pulled out my old Séraphine secret support vests and bought myself a new white one to wear under all my tops. These are a must have (I sleep in them too!).
  • I went to Topshop and got this swimsuit and these jeans, both necessary maternity items. I love Topshop jeans — they’re cheap and they fit well, even the maternity ones.
  • And of course I picked up a couple pairs of these leggings (for lounging around the house 24/7). They come up over the bump, so there’s no awkward elastic anywhere near your lower belly.
  • I love the look of the entire Hatch Maternity collection (pictured above)…but so far haven’t bought anything. It’s hard to spend money on maternity pieces when you know you’ll only wear it for a few months. (Although the clothes at Hatch are meant to be worn both during and after pregnancy… so maybe it’s worth the investment?!)

What about you? Do you have any must-have maternity pieces I should know about? And… are you like me — do you immediately take your jeans off the minute you walk in your door and swap for something comfortable? Or am I just a major slouch?! (I think my postman thinks I only wear leggings and a big jumper!)

x Courtney

PS – Images from Hatch.

Koka Mama Maternity Wear

I am so excited for all you pregnant mamas to announce the launch of Koka Mama. Finally… here is a maternity label which is perfectly spot on in every way. It’s stylish and modern, it’s also quite practical and it’s very thoughtfully designed with clever cuts and special details to fit and flatter the pregnant body.

Tamara Hema, the (very stylish!) founder and designer, came over to my house recently with a big suitcase filled with her collection. She set each piece out on my kitchen table and walked me through all the tiny details which make each piece wonderful.  All the trousers, for example, have not one elastic band in the waist, but two — to support the belly from below, and also to rise a bit high in the back to fit, support and stay up. Clever!

Each piece is better than the next, and all available to purchase directly from the Koka Mama website.

x Courtney

Junikit, stylish baby bags and accessories

I’m sure I’m not the only woman who ‘has a thing about bags’, am I? Anyway, I was pleased to discover Junikit, at the Kleine Fabriek last month. Junikit is a company run by the two stylish sisters Katja and Sidney, who aim to produce classy changing bags and accessories for the modern, trend-conscious parent (or non-parent!). I was immediately taken by the beautiful illustrations featuring animals from different continents, the lovely selection of matching scarves, and, smart find — the little emergency first-aid kit (just perfect to pop in a bag or in the car’s glove compartment). Stylish indeed! Also nice: the bags are made from water-resistant coated cotton on the outside (all PVC and phthalates free), and nylon on the inside, so they’re super easy to clean and look after.

If you’re also a little bit of a bag junkie, then take note: Junikit is now giving away an emergency first-aid kit in the Australia print to three lucky readers, so quickly head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment for your chance to win!

xxx Esther

The Truth About Trying

A friend recently told me about this amazing feature of video blogs on Redbook called “The Truth About Trying“.  I thought it was a fantastic way to personalize and put a face to the issues that many women silently face.  Whether you have ten children, one child, or in the midst of trying for your first  – the struggle to conceive is a difficult and emotionally taxing journey when it does not work out as planned.  Thought I would pass along and give praise to Redbook for helping to bring light to an often closely guarded subject.


(Image from Redbook)

Tribe Bags – The Ultimate Breed of Baby Bags

When I had babies, I was always the least organised and ill-prepared mum. I’d meet my friends in a café and I was always the one asking for a spare nappy or stealing other mum’s snacks for my own children (how it’s possible to forget nappies, I’m not sure… but I did it often!). I’m pretty sure, looking back, it was not entirely my fault — if I had owned one of these baby bags from Tribe I would have surely been more organised (and far more fashionable for sure!).

The Tribe Bags are made of luxurious soft-milled cowhide leather, come in several different colours, and are truly beautifully made. But more importantly, they’re completely practical. They have two large zippered pockets (suitable for spare outfits, muslin wraps etc.), four slip pockets (ideal for teething rings, pacifiers and toys), two side bottle pockets, a water-resistant nylon lining and change mat and two water-resistant nylon pouches perfect for stowing away diapers, medicines and snacks. Wowza! If that doesn’t keep a mum organised, I don’t know what would!


Lulu Arver — comfy and stylish maternity fashion

I disclosed already how I feel about the fact that that ‘we’re done with babies’. I’m sort of in a mid-life crises about it! Thankfully one of my best friends is heavily pregnant with a little girl, so I have the foresight of having a little baby in my close surroundings very soon. Seeing my friend so big and beautiful, so happy with the little creature growing inside, almost makes me envious of being pregnant again!

Anyway (dream on), I’m writing this to tell you about the beautiful tops by Lulu Arver my friend has been wearing. Super feminine, comfy and fashionable — perfect for working (or non-working) mamas with style! I really like the strong lines and basic colours; they emphasise the best parts of the pregnant body and work for every occasion.

xxx Esther

Yoga for you and your baby

When I was pregnant with Sara I went to yoga class once a week faithfully. I danced around the room with other pregnant ladies and connected with my baby embracing my belly. After her birth I went back to a weekly baby massage/yoga class until Sara was crawling around and yoga wasn’t an option any more. Maybe the fact that she is nowadays such a balanced child has something to do with all of these yoga classes she enjoyed as a baby!

Sadly baby number two and three didn’t get similar treatments; it’s just too difficult to get out of the house these days with three small children and a household to manage. But… I recently received the DVDs Bump, Birth and Beyond by the London Yoga Company and Ava and I have been doing our own private yoga class in the living room, and we are loving it! I really feel so much better after the 5 minute quick fix, just incredible. And the exercises you can do together with your baby are wonderfully simple and effective. I wish I had known about these DVDs when I was pregnant, it’s such a lovely way to relax and connect with your baby… And get in shape at the same time!
Yoga for You and Your Baby is available through The London Yoga Company, together with the Pregnancy Health Yoga and the Post Natal Yoga ones.

xxx Esther

Organic goodies from BabyBearShop

Oh, I’m in love with the cute packaging of the BabyBearShop products. So adorable! This line of organic products is maybe not extensive but it is absolutely enough for what I need. Loving the cheeky baby butter that I’m using for Ava! The lip balms are delicious too (and they come in the cutest packaging), and how cute is the soap with the bird (and again, how beautiful is the packaging with the nest drawn on it and the little holes in egg shape). All available through BabyBearShop.

xxx Esther

Is that a nappy bag? Yes, it is!

Beautiful, this nappy bag by new company Rubizu! Rubizu is formed by two sisters Roba and Azza and together they design and produce a series of exquisite nappy bags that are not only beautiful and luxurious but also very practical indeed. It works as follows: the pretty turquoise insert pops out completely. The ‘empty’ bag can be used independently from the interior compartment as it has its own side pockets and is beautiful as is. The interior compartment can be easily organised once out of the bag. Very soon, a laptop insert will be available too which transforms the bag from mummy bag to business bag in a few seconds! (I’m particularly excited about this feature because my laptop bag is such an embarrassment — I think my husband got it for free at a conference about 15 years ago. It’s gross.) All in all, these Rubizu bags are pretty amazing. For available styles and more info on the functionality, check the Rubizu website. The pretty leather bag featured here is available through Blossom Mother and Child.

xxx Esther

Sweet Swimsuits from Sabina Swims

I’m not going to go in to detail about where exactly my body needs to be lifted and by how many centimetres, but let me just tell you that Sabina from Sabina Swims picked the exact right bikini from her gorgeous collection. A little bit of padding here, the exact right cut there… really does the trick!

Sabina Swims Swimwear is the perfect place to browse to if you’re looking for a swimsuit or bikini, especially if you’re a mum with a bit to lift or hide. I love how you can select your own ensemble — you can pick the top that suits your boobs best, and then choose a matching (or not!) bottom in the size and shape of your preference. There are more daring and more modest choices, cute swimsuits and tankinis too. I also love the look of the maternity collection! And Sabina very kindly included a tiny swimsuit for Ava in my order — in matching fabric to my bikini — so sweet!! Bring on the summer; I’m all set for the beach!!!

xxx Esther

Baby’s home… what now?

Yesterday I sat down with a friend who is expecting a baby in June, and we watched the DVD ‘Baby’s Home… What Now?‘ together. Cozy!
When I was pregnant with my first child, I read about 5 different ‘What to expect’ books. Looking back, it’s sort of funny to realise how I was sweating it — the scary unknown made me reach out to all of the written wisdom I could find! I wish this DVD had existed then: yes, you can study how to swaddle a baby from books, but seeing somebody actually do it makes a LOT more sense! Same for breastfeeding, changing a nappy, or filing your baby’s nails! Even for baby number 2 or 3, this DVD is a nice refresher course for how it’s done best. Available online through .

xxx Esther

Cute, cool and practical. The DRIA cover.

OK, technically I’m not pregnant anymore, but I still love to wear my stripy DRIA top! Made of a high quality thin, silky-like jersey, this poncho t-shirt really looks very trendy and elegant over leggings or skinny jeans. It also works wonders as a nursing cover — it really hides it all, and still looks great! I think this poncho will stay a much loved clothing item; I can imagine it would be great on the beach as well, to quickly throw over a bikini. But that’s for the future — first, there’s winter (and second, there’s the question of whether I ever dare to wear a bikini again)!
Oh, the DRIA also doubles up as a car seat cover (the neck opening provides easy access to the carrying handle). I would say this poncho/cover is almost annoyingly perfect. A very good investment if you’re pregnant!

xxx Esther

Mamascarf, for discreet breastfeeding in public

Little did I know that breastfeeding a 5-day-old baby in the front row of a jam-packed circus was going to be a bit of a… challenge. Yes, you’re reading that right: 5-day-old, and: jam-packed circus. Thankfully I was wise enough to bring a Mama Scarf, so the spotlights on my boobs were cleverly avoided. The Mama Scarf is a stylish scarf that becomes sort of a hammock for your baby, allowing for discreet breastfeeding in public. What I like about it that it’s made of thin, cute fabric, and it doesn’t scream for attention. (It’s not like one of those, ‘hello everybody, I’m breast-feeding, but I’m covered up, as you can clearly see, so don’t look’ kind of covers.) Thanks, Mama Scarf, for saving my day at the circus.

xxx Esther

Nyp Balm, food for your boobs (and baby’s bottom)

The third time around, breastfeeding was easy. I knew exactly what to do, and the baby also got it immediately — she was breastfeeding within minutes after she was born, as if we both had been doing nothing else for years. Life is beautiful.
I also knew exactly what to expect a few days after the birth. Painful boobs the size of melons, hard, hot and with red blotches. Sleeping sitting up. Sore, cracked nipples, feeding bra size 100Z (too small). Have you ever had to pull a cracked nipple sticking to your bra? Ouch. Life is a bitch.
Enter Inlight Nyp Balm. A natural, 100% organic, wonderful smelling soothing balm that does the trick. Before birth, it’s used to help stretch the skin and prevent stretch-marks. After the birth it soothes and heals sore nipples. And, what I possibly like best about it is that now that I don’t need the Nyp Balm myself anymore (yay), I can use the rest for my baby’s bum. No spills! Because it also calms red and irritated baby bottoms wonderfully well.
All ingredients in Nyp Balm (like moisturising olive and coconut oil, protective beeswax, anti-inflammatory lavender and restorative rosehip oil) do not alter the flavour of the maternal milk and are easily tolerated by babies.

xxx Esther

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