Monthly news from Milk Magazine

Dior MacintoshPop chicken feet:
What is this Macintosh with giant chicken feet on it? It is a Dior Mac! With its poppy colours, your little one will want to wear it even when it does not rain. If she has trouble falling asleep she can always count chicken feet, instead of sheep. Dior ’60s pop trench in piqué cotton, chicken feet print.

Arfa by SirchArfa by Sirch:
Following the Maison et Object fair, we have been able to admire the new designs by the German Sirch. After designing toys, these Bavarians have turned to designing kids furniture. They have dreamed up a beautiful desk, made out of wood and felt. Available in three colours, it is accompanied by a chair or a stool, designed with the same clean lines in mind. You can already order it on File dans ta chambre, the site that is always on top of the most sparkling novelties.

Kup Kup LandKup Kup Land:
This Spanish artist whose creative universe is called “Kup Kup Land” creates collages. In mixing bits of paper sourced from all over the place and fabrics such a felt she creates dream-like worlds. Sometimes they are animal dreamscapes and sometimes scapes of rain clouds. The easiest way to discover her world or  purchase her work is by visiting her Etsy shop.

-Sophie Carré at Milk Magazine

Monthly News from Milk Magazine

pr-1b-1.jpg Petit Flaneur:
Sandra Ciganic-McKinney is the founder of Petit Flaneur. This young Canadian had the great idea of creating objects whilst respecting the planet: the toys, cards and clothes she dreams up are all produced close to her native Toronto. They are made out of Canadian wood and non-toxic ink. Her objects are not only beautiful, but also intelligent and innovative, like this 3D puzzle.


La Bohème:
Christmas is approaching fast. You are soon going to have to choose THE perfect outfit for your daughter to impress your whole family. The ideal choice is…. “bohème chic (gyspy chic)”! It is said that a gypsy is as free as a bird; if your little one does not want to eat turkey she isn’t going to eat. Not because she has no manners, but because she has a mind of her own.
Your mother wants her grandchildren to be on their best behavior. So be it. Make her and your daughter happy with a dress made out of lace, embroidery, flowery patterns and other beautiful tidbits.
Essentiel Dress, from 125 €

hansel_gretel.jpgHansel and Gretel:
Christmas time and the excuse to eat treats is quickly approaching. All get your forks ready and start eating, due to these sweet Hansel and Gretels. You get to play the part of the evil witch and eat them without feeling guilty. These cookies are on sale at one of the most beautiful food shops in Paris, La grande Epicerie de Paris, (the Bon Marché Food Hall). It’s a good reason to go on a culinary expedition to the very chic Parisian Left Bank.

-Sophie Carré

Monthly news from Milk Magazine

Soft GallerySoft Gallery:
The least one can say about this young fashion label is that they are incredibly creative. The fabric used is great quality cotton, wool and silk, all in soft colors. The magic, however, lies in the exclusive multi-coloured art prints specially designed for the label. Started in February 2008 for kids from 0 to 12 years of age, Tine Holt Moeller and Barbara Hvidt call upon different artists to create unique patterns, which are first created on canvas. The artwork is then printed or stitched onto the T-shirts and sweatshirts. It’s modern, original and it will make moms want to steal one for their own wardrobe.  -Doria Mançon

Mushroom LampsCute Mushrooms:
These cool new lamps in the shape of mushrooms are thanks to two English sisters who are recreating objects from their childhood. As kids, they were afraid of the dark and really wanted a lamp to brighten up their nights. Now grown up, they have invented a whole series of lamps with a British flair, reminiscent of the homes the Smurfs lived in. They are available in lots of different colours and shapes, and there is even a little house lamp, so you can start a collection of mushroom houses and lamps.  -Sophie Carré

Carton ChicCarton Chic:
Carton Chic is ethical and chic. Little Fashion Gallery is trendy and design-orientated. When the two work together you get a perfect toy house, which is environmentally friendly and, at the same time, has a sleek, contemporary look. The modular house is made out of recycled and recyclable cardboard, you can personalize it, and last but not least it is easy to put together (no glue or staples).
A percentage of the price goes toward the charity “Les Toiles Enchantées”. Hurry up — this toy house is a limited edition.  -Sophie Carré