Everything Under The Sun — a great new book and podcast series by Molly Oldfield

Everything Under the Sun is a new book out by Molly Oldfield, who I have recently become pals with on Instagram. Molly wrote to me to share about her new book, and I loved the concept of the book without even seeing a photo. She then sent me a copy of her book, and it’s even better in real life! The book is a collection of answers to 366 curious questions asked by children from around the world. Fascinating facts are accompanied by vibrant illustrations from a selection of great illustrators, making the book as cute as it is educational.

The book is based on the award-winning podcast also by Molly Oldfield, where she and other experts answer questions sent in from children. We’ve been listening to Molly’s podcast episodes in the car, and we’re all learning so much! We’ve learned about bees and wind, narwhals and unicorns, to Egyptians and mummies. It’s so cute!

I can’t recommend the book highly enough. Whether you read a question a day, or dip into it whenever you are feeling curious, this is a book to treasure and share all year round — one to keep out on your coffee table to inspire conversations and questions. It would also make a wonderful birthday gift for any young person in your life.

Courtney x


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Annie from Brimful
September 20, 2021

This book looks adorable! I’m totally bookmarking it as a possible Christmas gift. 🥰

June 14, 2022

I was after a fact book for my youngest daughter and remembered that you had recommended this a while back. Well its arrived and she absolutely loves it. The illustrations are beautiful and the questions are varied and well answered. My daughter was delighted with the fact about penguins that projectile poop! Ha ha!
Thanks again Courtney for highlighting such a standout book.

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