The Magic of Childhood

For quite some time now I have wanted to write something in the form of a guide based on helping parents create magical moments with their children. It feels, more than ever, many now want to try and regain some of the joy that the pandemic has taken away and also to really give their children a magical time whenever and wherever possible. I think one of the moments that will stick in my mind from this past year was when I was walking my daughter into the school gates on her sixth birthday and saying how special it would be when her class sang her happy birthday, only for her to say “we are not allowed to sing at school now mummy , so that won’t happen”, of course I told her that it didn’t matter and how we would all sing together at home that evening, but I did wipe a tear away underneath my sunglasses. It was at this time that I began to write this guide on the magic of childhood to provide a little helping hand with getting back on track with finding joy together.

In this guide you will find practical ideas for creating magical moments together at home or when out and about. I have also discussed and suggested ways in which you can be more present with your children and enjoy precious times. Life is incredibly hectic but by being more aware of the time you are spending together you can change things up a little and start to really enjoy magical times that will become etched in your children’s memories forever.

You can purchase The Magic of Childhood here on my website, I can’t wait to hear what you think.



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