Five tips for enjoying a holiday with children


Holidaying with children can be a very stressful experience. Gone are the days of packing an array of stylish outfits and jetting off to relax and escape the stresses and strains that everyday life can bring and welcome to the days of being on duty constantly whilst you feel you must pander to every whim and demand your children may request.

Here are my top five tips for holidaying with children this summer-

  • Pre–empt any tantrums or meltdowns and adjust what you are doing accordingly. Children on holiday, wherever it may be, are out of their routine of everyday life. It may be that your holiday routine has to be more rigid or perhaps more relaxed, whichever it is, it is not as it would be at home. If you can really see that your children are getting too tired, then build in some early nights and time for rest so they can enjoy the rest of the holiday.
  • Recognise that children still need time for independent play, despite being away on holiday. It is important for children to have some calm time just as an outlet and to have some time alone too. You might like to bring a few toys from home just so they have the familiarity there for playing or see how creative they are with whatever resources are available on your holiday.
  • Do some research together before you leave. If you are visiting a foreign country, then perhaps learn some of the language spoken or start to explain how you will spend some of your time there prior to departing. Children can often be daunted by the unknown, but if they have some idea of how you will spend your holiday then it can alleviate any worries and you can enjoy ticking some of your wishes off the list together.
  • Be prepared to dedicate the time to your children. Embrace the experience of being away from home and hopefully having a little escape from everyday life. Plough the time you usually spend undertaking household chores into the children and reap the benefits of how happy this makes both them and you. Holidays are fun and children should experience you at your most fun too!
  • Try to still make a little time for yourself each day. You may like to wake early before the rest of the family and read the newspaper or go for a walk alone. It may even be ten minutes at the end of each day to listen to an audio book if you are too tired to read; try to ensure that you still take a little time for you. It will leave you feeling just that little bit refreshed and ready to enjoy the holiday with your family.

I hope these little tips are useful and enjoy the holidays together!



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