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‘Arno and his Horse’, a beautiful book by Jane Godwin and Felicita Sala

It is so special to find a children’s picture book that appeals as much to adults as it does to children. Wilkie has requested this as his bedtime story every night for the last few weeks, and it’s one of those books I never tire of reading. Arno and his Horse is a beautiful story, written with rhyming text and illustrated with beautiful, rich watercolour illustrations of an Australian country setting. The story follows a little boy, Arno, who has lost his favourite toy, but offers a much deeper parallel story of loss and love, memory and favourite mementos.

The beautiful illustrations capture your attention on each page, and the story keeps you engaged until the very end. While the story doesn’t explicitly show or describe the death of Arno’s grandfather, you can feel the sense of loss and the importance of memories, dreams and connections, all the while taking you on a journey of finding Arno’s lost toy.

Arno and his Horse was written by Jane Godwin, illustrated by Felicity Sala, and published by one of my favourite Australian children’s book publishers, Scribble.

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