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Happy Earth Day! Some fun family activities to mark the day.

Tomorrow is Earth Day and this year’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’.  Earth Day was first held in 1970 in the US and has now grown to international dimensions with events across the globe. It provides a way for us all to demonstrate support for environmental protection, and is the perfect opportunity to help educate the younger generations on steps we can all take to help our environment. You can read more about the Earth Day movement and this year’s events, including digital workshops, panel discussions, performances and speeches, on the Earth Day website.

More simply, it’s a wonderful occasion to talk to your kids about our planet and the importance of taking care of our home. I thought I’d share some simple ways to celebrate Earth Day with our families so that the day is acknowledged with even our youngest children. (Of course these activities are great for any day of the year, but I wanted to offer inspiration for something special to do tomorrow.)

Here are some family-friendly Earth Day activities for you to enjoy:

  • Walk or cycle to school instead of drive, if you can. Maybe even plan a car-free day.
  • Take a walk in nature, stop and observe the different animals, insects, and plants. Notice how they are all connected.
  • Prepare a nature scavenger hunt and examine your findings when everything is collected.
  • Observe the birds in your garden, draw or paint the birds you see.
  • Organise a beach clean-up with your friends and pick up all the rubbish you can find (recycle what you can). You can even register a clean-up on the Earth Day website here.
  • Read books about animals, plants and our planet. (Recommendations here, here and here!)
  • Watch the David Attenborough documentary, A Life on our Planet — it’s available on Netflix, at least here in Australia. Talk about how the film made you feel and what you can do to help our planet.
  • Play a Nature Hunt Memory Game from items you’ve collected in nature.
  • Plant some seedlings. You can use an empty egg carton or an empty tin can to do so. (Label them with cute drawings or notes.)
  • Get out in the garden and get your hands dirty. Pull weeds, transfer seedlings, plant veggies, pick flowers, etc.
  • Make a Fairy House with your kids. (Note: the fairies in our town leave cute little notes to the children!)
  • Pick flowers and save them in a flower press, make flower fairies or a flower crown, make a floral monogram, or a flower petal sun catcher, or make floral luminaries and vases.
  • If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you can collect leaves and make an Autumn Stained Glass to hang in your window or an Autumn Wall Hanging.
  • Plant a tree!
  • Encourage your kids to do a ‘Sit Spot‘ mindfulness exercise outside in nature. Take five deep breaths in and out. Close your eyes and listen to the noises around you. Open your eyes and look around. What do you hear? What do you smell? What can you see and feel? Pay attention to your body and how you are feeling. Write down your observations.
  • Cook a delicious vegetarian meal for dinner. Vegetarian lasagne, maybe?


These are the activities that spring to mind. Please share any others below. And most importantly, happy Earth Day! What a beautiful planet we live on!

Courtney x


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