Make a bright flower petals sun-catcher

For this bright flower petals sun-catcher craft, any available blooms you select will create a lovely effect. We used different flowers we had on hand from old bouquets. Here, we used a mix of  tulip, daffodils, cherry blossoms and daisy petals to create an 8-pointed star shaped display. If you have a school-aged child, it is very likely they already know how to make one using two (2) squares, forming the corners of a compass or a geometric looking Sun. Roses would also make a fantastic choice by the way!

Here is what you need:

  • For the sun-catcher frame we used a piece of painted watercolour paper but any sturdy colour paper of cardboard will work wonderfully well.
  • Use two (2) squares (shown below), and roughly placed at a 90 degree angle of each other, then cut around the shape.  This creates an 8-pointed star. This shape was also chosen for the reference of the Islamic pattern. You may be familiar with how it is used in the art of tile making process in places such as Spain, Turkey and Morocco for example.
  • Trace and cut a circle inside your star.
  • For the sun-catcher part itself, you can complete this next step  by using a laminator or some white wax paper. (Place the petals in between two sheets. Also place a towel on top and iron over the towel to stick the two pieces of paper together. There should be  enough space in between each petal so that the process is successful). Finally, cut circle larger than the one of the frame and glue in place.

This is such an lovely way to decorate a window during any of the wonderful spring and summer festivals, or for a nature study on small plants and the stars! And, I think this would also make a thoughtful handmade Ramadan gift for anyone taking part, or interested to know more about this time of spiritual reflection for so many around the world.

The entire process, once the petals were ready, took about an hour, we hope you too will like it! And if you currently live in the southern hemisphere, simply switch the petals for some pretty leaves. After all, the autumn light is also quite exquisite… Enjoy! 😀

x Mariam


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