Make an Easter Party out of an Easter Egg Hunt!

Instant Easter Egg Hunt party success :

Hang up a bunting, put out a picnic blanket and make a central station for the children to gather. Bring some healthy snacks and some real food to balance out the inevitable chocolate and sugar high hit. We made it a little outdoor tea time!

For games we had an egg and spoon race, with rubber eggs which are pretty easy to find in joke stores or online, and wooden spoons. Or use real eggs and spoons in your home for a real challenge! The egg and spoon races were a hit, especially doing this in teams. We also did a bunny hop sack race, which was great to do before and after the Easter Egg hunt, as it helps to get energy out! Get out your oldest pillow cases or ones you can later bleach as grass stains are inevitable.

For crafts, and more quiet activities, we used cardboard eggs like these we found online to decorate and used sticker letters so that each child had their own ‘monogram’ egg. It also helped identify who’s egg each one was! Simple crayons and markers in monochromatic colours work and you could easily do this on hard boiled eggs so it is dye free and outdoor friendly.

Simple and sweet and always a hit is sidewalk chalk. We had the children make an ‘Easter bunny parade’ with all different bunny, chick, and flowers in a mural. Then they made a massive hopscotch — and what is more appropriate for an Easter Egg hunt than a hoppy hopscotch game.

Funny enough, the Easter Egg hunt which was the main event was the one I barely photographed as it was more fun to watch the children race around with their Meri Meri ears on like these! Or you could make these like I did a few years ago… bunny headband. But here is a favourite Easter Egg Hunt I wrote about from past years.

Hope you have a very Happy Easter, and that you can extend the outdoor fun with these simple tips and games too!

Enjoy your Easter,

Lara x


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