The cutest pom pom bunny for spring

Finally, spring is here, and with it all the pastel colours to inspire some pom pom making. What a classic thing it is to make some sort of bunny craft at spring time, don’t you think?…

I remember making a few bunny things as a child. I think many of us may share similar memories! We have been doing some sort of sewing craft since my daughter turned three, and it’s always a loved activity in our home. And last year, we tried our hand at some sewing bunny craft. It is simply the cutest little blue bunny you can imagine! We were lucky to have everything handy, so this project was easy to complete. Note: This project is ideal for little hands, yet the kind assistance of their grownup is a must.

NOTE: Find the template for making pompoms here (measure as noted below and use steps 2 to 6). You’ll need to cut out some cardboard circles as shown in the template.

Here are the items we needed:

  • Make two pom poms of the same colours (one larger than the other to create the body and the head of your bunny: we opted for 10 cm or about 4 inches for the body; and 5 cm or about 2 inches for the head size). Pastels would work great, but anything goes.
  • Use a different colour to make a smaller pom pom for the tail, about 2,5 cm or 1 inch (we chose white).

Then, add:

  • A couple of buttons or beads for the eyes.
  • Some felt for the ears (we cut two elongated shaped of about 6 cm each, a little less that 2.5 inches each).
  • A needle and some sturdy thread to assemble your bunny.

The result is truly adorable and sweet. Since we assembled our bunny by sewing the different parts together, it should be quite durable as well. The one my daughter and I made last year is still around so now she has two pom pom bunnies to play with.

I can’t wait to see what colour combination your little ones choose. Please tag us and share on Instagram your beautiful creations! They are so fun to play with or simply decorate a spring table. Enjoy!

x Mariam


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