A big chop for charity, donating hair for children who need wigs…

The photos are from a year ago, but the pride remains the same for my brave big girl who chopped twelve inches off of her hair for charity. She was then six, soon to be seven, and more focussed in her desire and more confident than her years, not flinching even once when she went in for the chop.

She had lots of hair and welcomed the dramatic change — eager to donate her locks for an (anonymous) child who needed a wig. There have been a few people she has known who have had a needs for medical wigs — both a ballet teacher going through chemotherapy and a girl in her Nursery class that had leukaemia at four years old. Both experiences definitely made an impression. She wanted it to be put her new haircut to good use, and good use she did.

We first checked out all the rules for hair donations — length, healthy hair, how to tie it up, cut it, package it, etc and then we sent our hair donation, along with the necessary forms to The Little Official Princess Trust, which takes twelve inch minimum donations.

Currently hair donations are limited in the UK due to Covid, but keep growing your hair so you can one day soon donate. In the meantime, monetary donations are welcomed. It costs about £550 to make one wig, and all wigs given to children by this charity are free! And rules may vary where you live, so I highly recommend looking into it if a big chop is the plan.

The Little Princess Trust has provided more than 8,000 wigs since 2006 and have given grants totalling more than £7 million towards research projects focussed on finding more effective treatments for childhood cancers. So impressive!

Perhaps this will inspire you or someone you know to donate.

I think she looks so chic but most of all I was impressed by her determination, she waited to grown her hair until it was long enough to donate.

Long locks goodbye for my baby girl! And it was definitely a memorable first bob haircut for this mama and daughter. Thanks also to the fabulous Debbie at Caramel Kids for her calm presence and incredible talent! She truly knew how to make this hairstyle work for our little lady.



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