Tips for dealing with children’s tiredness


Children’s tiredness can be exhausting, not only for them, but also for parents too. We all know that being tired has a huge impact on our daily life and can really dictate the way that we behave towards others. However, it is only really during adulthood that we are able to recognize the link between tiredness and wellbeing and even then it can still be overwhelming! Tiredness in children can present in many different ways, but more often than not it can cause tears and irritability which then requires a great deal of patience to try and manage.

I hope this little list of tips will be really useful for those who would like to try and help children who are experiencing tiredness :

  • For children who find it difficult to switch off at bed time, tiredness can actually exasperate this and lead to an overactive mind, making it even more tricky to get off to sleep. This is where undertaking some form of relaxation together is a great idea; whether it be a massage with some relaxing music or soothing stories. It is so important to try and instil a sense of calm in order for children to be able to quieten their mind. I also think listening to an audio storyteller is a lovely way to end the day for children as they can simply ‘listen‘, which is very calming in itself.
  • To help with the rush of getting children off to school in the morning create a mini check-list on a board of what they need to do to get ready. Your children will relish being given the opportunity to get themselves ready and it can also keep things calmer in the mornings if children are tired and you are finding that they are not necessarily listening as well as they could do!
  • School is a very busy environment and children can get exceptionally worn out by the end of the school day.  As well as being in a busy classroom, listening and learning can lead to a tired mind and so, for younger children, try to keep school work to a minimum during the week or attempt to complete any work as soon as possible after arriving home, leaving plenty of time for play and rest in order for them to feel ready for the following day.
  • Whilst it is wonderful for children to take part in activities and clubs after school or at the weekend, ensure that there is also plenty of time for rest, play, eating well, cuddles and absorbing all nature has to offer; this can all make a huge difference to the week ahead as well as create a super connection as a family leading to better sleep and reducing some of the tiredness that too many plans can sometimes generate too.

I would love to hear of any other tips that you have for coping with tiredness within your families.

Emma x



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