Colourful stick puppets for everyday fun

This month we made some super cute and colourful stick puppets to celebrate carnival but it is also for everyday fun. (A few weeks ago we made a new puppet theatre using an old shoe box. We have made several puppet show frames over the years, they never get old to play with.)

Everything we needed was available in our art supply and we kept things simple and fun. February marks the month of Carnival for many parts of the world, it was important to use all kinds of colours to make everything cheery and bright. During normal times, it is quite the festival here in Germany.

We gathered the following supplies:

  • Different kinds of colour paper
  • Scissors
  • Colour pencils and markers
  • Glue and tape
  • Wooden sicks (we had some mini skewers at home)

To make the faces, we used a large whole punch to make circles. But you can create faces with squares, ovals, rectangles and triangles if your child(ren) prefer(s). They will no doubt turn out to be a giggle-filled experience for the entire family! The sillier the better of course, so we opted out of clothing.

We cut the other shapes free handed (cheeks, lips, eyes, etc.). If you you have some googly eyes stickers in your supplies, add them, these will work wonders! Finally cut and add hair (or not), headdress and other accessories as desired. Once done, use your markers to add details and tape the face to a stick. The child(ren) will have a great time being as creative as they wish. And really anything goes: why not have blue hair, and create silly shaped outfits as well 🙂

Children’s imagination run wild and the need to create new adventures is so apparent! Therefore, puppetry provides hours of play and storytelling. The entire family can benefit from some theatre fun!

x Mariam

PS  – Other puppet styles can be found here and here if you have more time or simply want to sew with your child(ren)! Have fun making childhood memories with your little one(s)!



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