Auerbach & Steele — all your eye and glasses needs for the family under one roof

Welcome to our family’s new favourite all-under-one-roof eye health and glasses shop! Auerbach & Steele. This is the place to go, for all ages, for all needs. A curated collection in a contemporary space. And a staff that welcomes you and is patient and caring for both your glasses wearing family members and for the wild toddlers in tow that keep asking for books to be read.

Honestly, I only wish we knew about Auerbach & Steele earlier! It made life much easier, for all of us. And it is fun and colourful and designed so beautifully.

Considered. Curated (I know I mentioned that word before, but I couldn’t help but say it again. Most of all, it is comfortable — the customer’s care being the main focus of the experience.

Auerbach and Steele is the very best of independent eyewear businesses…

“We give our customers the time they need to make unhurried decisions. We have built longstanding relationships with them and they value our very personal approach and the continuity of care they receive. In fact, their word of mouth recommendations mean we do little to advertise our products and our services. High praise indeed.”

The eye exam rooms (yes, rooms plural) are state of the art. With the most advanced technology, the optometrists will test your sight and check the health of your eyes. This process involves finding out about your general health, personal and family medical history and your lifestyle.

I hadn’t personally had an exam in 20 years even though I bring my eldest daughter for eye exams every 3-6 months for the last 5 years… so it is good to do some self care and visit the team here.

Even the packaging is super cute! Polka dots of confetti colours on a lucite bag… you will be proud to walk down the the street swinging the bag back and forth.

We really can’t say enough great things about London’s Auerbach & Steele. We may have visited on a dreary and grey London day, but the injection of colour and pops of sunny yellow cheered us up. And the children loved the staff so much and created such a fun experience that the kids wanted to stay!

Oh and we loved our Very French Gangsters glasses after an extensive yet enjoyable fit session. They are so chic!

Book in advance. And get the care you deserve. And perhaps, if you really want to celebrate your new glasses, you might find it convenient that around the corner is a little milkshake spot. 🙂

123 King’s Road, Chelsea
London SW3 4PL

020 7349 0001

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri, 10.00 – 18.00
Sat, 10.00 – 18.00
Sun, Closed


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