The Rule of Four for Christmas

Something to want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.

It’s the rule of four, a friendly but mannered way to approach gift giving for adults, and children alike. A more economical, environmental, and sustainable approach to a season which has started earlier this year than ever before. Could we all peak too soon?

I briefly mentioned this gifting idea in last year’s post on experiences not things. I also appreciated Courtney’s idea a few years ago when she decided to gift only one item per child. She has also eliminated all the excess stuff from Christmas stockings that were gift-y but garbage-y material wise, opting for useful sunscreens and lip balms instead.

Several years ago, we touched on this idea too when we interviewed Erin Boyle from Reading My Tea Leaves, the post Keeping It Simple, was a good overall view of Christmas — not just gifting but decorating, traditions, etc. I love her idea of all homemade ornaments so much that we are recreating it this year!

And similarly, if you want to save money and be more mindful of landfills etc… have you considered a homemade Christmas jumper / sweater?

The rule of four is a great way to be more thoughtful and also more considered. The BBC shared an article years ago, here, about this concept which a friend just sent to me. Have you ever heard of it? And if so, have you ever subscribed to it? We would love to know more. Or to hear your other ideas of eliminating waste of any kind.

Whatever way you gift, we wish you a gorgeous Christmas and hope you stay safe!


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