Pretty paper flowers to decorate gifts or your house — here’s a simple DIY

I’ve recently been making these pretty paper flowers which are super easy to fold together, and perfect to use for gift wrapping or to decorate the house (I used them for our activity advent calendar this year).

paper flowers diy

There’s really not much to it — the only things you need are:

  • paper (preferably not too thick — gift wrapping paper works beautifully)
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • some string
  • a glue stick
  • not essential but handy, some cloths pegs for assistance

Here’s the how-to!

paper flower diy

Pretty paper flowers

  1. Measure a piece of paper with ratio 1 to 2,5. The width of the roll of golden wrapping paper I used is 57 cm, so I measured out a strip of 57 : 2,5 = 22,8 cm. (I cut strips of 23 for ease, you don’t have to be super precise!)
  2. Fold paper in half with the front side up, then consequently fold in 4ths and 8ths. Look at the photos above on how to easily do that.
  3. Turn over the paper, which is now folded in 8ths, and fold 16s harmonica style — as shown in the photos above.
  4. Fold finished harmonica lengthwise in half (fold a few times both ways), then tie some string around the fold in the middle. Knot the string at the back (plain) side of the paper. If you would like to tie the finished flower around a gift, it is handy to leave long ends of string — otherwise, cut off excess string.
  5. Glue together the star using the glue stick. Use the cloth pegs to help you keep the star in shape. (Or just be patient and use your fingers.)

Pretty paper flowers
Pretty paper flowers

When done, just cut of a corner of the glued edges (see left photo below). As an alternate step, to make pretty edges to the flower, you can cut the edges of the star in a shape before using the glue. We have tried different shapes (round, tapered) and it’s all pretty!

paper flowers diy

That’s it! You can use different sorts of paper, and sizes. If you want to hang them up, you can just sew a piece of string through the double bit where the stars are glued together.

Pretty paper flowers

Have fun!

xxx Esther




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December 9, 2020


Thanks for these craft flowers — I’ll have to try. I also just really want to tell you thank you for the activity advent! I printed it out a couple of years ago when you first put it up but this year it’s been a huge success. My oldest is 3.5 and he’s really so excited for Christmas this year. Which also unfortunately means he’s getting so focused on the delivery of presents from this Santa he’s heard about. The activity advent is so nice so that he has something exciting to do each day (and I have a nice thing to structure in too). He wakes up and asks first thing to open a card! Today we had a fancy dinner with candles and shared what we love about each other. Another favorite was gathering pine cones at the arboretum to decorate. Thank you from northern Colorado.

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