Infinite creative possibilities with Conkers

Even writing about this seems to simple and easy, but I want to plant the seed and let it grow. Conkers are fun to collect as the Autumn winds blow and the leaves fall. They are shiny, they are very soothing to hold. And they live inside of these tennis ball green husks covered in spiky dangerous armour which are super enjoyable to crack open under foot and then see what treasure lives inside. Yes, these are the seeds of trees, they are food for animals, and for children, they are irresistible. Like smooth stones at the beach. They just call to be collected.  So much so that my children have recently gathered over 400 hundred of them and brought them home.

So naturally, I had to put them to use! Or we had to fill a bathtub with them. 🙂 We chose to craft instead.

With very fine point markers, we began to doodle. We realised white or metallic works best since the conker is a very dark brown. And inspired by nature, my eldest daughter began to draw insects — bees, birds, butterflies, millipedes, centipedes… the collection began. My son, who started school recently began to write a letter on each one. He wrote out his full name and brought the conkers in to school and proudly showed them to his teacher.

It sparked an idea to create an alphabet of letters. And did you know that there are 135 word possibilities that you can make with the English alphabet? What a great way to learn to learn letters, to learn how to spell, to learn how to read!

And then the very clever Vanessa and I began to message on another about all the possibilities. Numbers! Counting! Adding and subtracting sums! Multiplication for older children. SO many possibilities! And how about naughts and crosses? Such fun with numbers and letters and games. And with all those letters you could write inspirational messages for bookshelves and entryways to homes… kind, brave, love, joy…

A friend of mine recently did spooky Halloween faces with her children. They looked so great in a little group, taking on their own personalities too.

What a gorgeous base to work with. These shiny fit-in-the-palm of your hand mahogany treasures. A marker, and a million things to do! I think it is simply so exciting. And I look forward to hearing all the ideas of what you can do!

And a few other inspirational conker and acorn crafts include these felted chestnut hulls, these conker wall hangings, these conker animals, conker spiderwebs, and these felted acorns. Bring nature indoors.





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