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Seasonal book rotation, do you do this too?

We completed our seasonal book rotation! Every few months, we update our home with something special and we also pull out some books to acknowledge the season. One of the family traditions we love is to update the seasonal library with beautiful books. We rotate some of them in and out throughout the year.

At times, my daughter uses the books with added foliage or landscape on the cover as props for play. Or they become a background for a puppet show she sometimes puts up for fun. And this works very well for any season. For us it is now autumn, the leaves have started to fall, and if you need some ideas, check out the autumn books favourites from the blog. Maybe you have read some of these in the past and maybe some will be new to you. Also, if you are currently celebrating spring in the Southern Hemisphere, here is a list of wonderful spring books suggestions for you.

x Mariam


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