Discussion — What Subscription/Delivery Services do you use?

I’ve always loved drawing inspiration and reading discussions on this platform, whether small or more complex parenting topics. So I wanted to pop in here and quickly ask a very profound question; what subscription-based delivery services does your family use that you would recommend? Ha! Serious question.

I’m curious if there are any subscription-based services out there I didn’t know existed that might make my life a little easier now. With COVID-19 and an increased workload, it’s not as easy to simply pop into a store to grab a box of diapers or a gallon of milk. I love the idea of certain things regularly appearing on my doorstep without having to think about it.

Does anyone have any experience with Thrive? We were long-time Honest Company members when I had two kids in diapers. I’m thinking about rebooting their diaper subscription for my youngest and considering their household product subscription.

I’ve mentioned before that we did Lola Art Box this summer and would be open to suggestions on the kid’s front. About bi-monthly we get an Imperfect Foods Box (love this concept so much) and love our local fishmonger’s seafood CSA.

Any diaper or household product subscriptions you can’t live without? Any companies offering pantry items (thinking grains, dried beans, good quality olive oil, nuts, mustard) toiletries, feminine products? I am all ears! Or I guess, eyes, I should say.

(Though I still struggle with the single-use plastics and waste that come from a lot of these mail-order companies. So please keep this in mind when making your suggestions!)

Addie x

P.S. Photo from a farmers market haul back in February. May my oldest always gets this excited over fresh, wholesome food. 🙂


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Kate Higgs
October 1, 2020

Please can I recommend Smol laundry detergent, it is marvellous and has done away with heavy packages of wash powder from the supermarket. Smol delivers packages through the letterbox each month, but deliveries are easily altered. They are packaged in wholly recyclable card packaging, which is even child-safe. A great price, and Smol gel detergent smells great too. I don’t work for them, honest!

October 1, 2020

Great question! We have our bottled milk delivered on our doorstep, three times a week. Our milk man does juice, yoghurt, butter and cheese and even local oat milk in glass bottles! Duting the lockdown it became harder to get grocery delivery slots, so lots of local fruit/veg/partry/bread baking boxes were set up locally and they still run which all in all is a lovely by product of covid. Other than that we get Juno magazine and A year and a day magazine, the latter has beautiful crafts and nature based stories, and no adverts!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 1, 2020

We have our 100% recycled toilet paper delivered to us by The Good Roll — they donate 50% of their profits to building toilets in developing countries and come plastic free in really cool wrappers. Win Win!

October 1, 2020

In the UK, the Parrot Street Book Club is great ( – really carefully curated selections at two reading levels and lots of activities around the month’s book. They even have sibling subscriptions for a second child (so everyone has the extras, but the book only comes once).

Here in Amsterdam, we have a sausage subscription (which I know Esther has also tried) from an artisan sausage maker and the whole family loves it!

October 2, 2020

We live in London and get Odd Box (a box of odd and surplus fruit and veg) delivered every second week and also use Pesky Fish (they sell really great, fresh seafood online). During Lockdown we have really enjoyed these services.

October 9, 2020

We have enjoyed our Public Goods subscription. I love their non-toxic feminine supplies, their bulk refill goods for toiletries and cleaning products, and especially their floss that comes in a glass bottle and their string refill. I used to buy these types of items at Target, and as you know, you can’t JUST get what’s on your list at Target, so this has saved me money without scrimping on the quality or having to go out into stores more than necessary. We’re slowly embarking on less of a plastic reliance as well, so would love to hear any other recommendations for that as well!

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