The Sweetest Flower Fairy Wings in the World — make your own!

Oh to be a little fairy or butterfly. And oh to be one years old again!

These butterfly or flower fairy wings (you choose!) are the sweetest little gift that my children made for their baby sister’s first birthday. Being resourceful is always a good idea, but especially useful during lockdown, and for a first birthday (or any birthday really) when children really don’t need much to make them happy! I think this is a great gift year round, but as it is now September when I type this, I recommend using up the best of the wildflowers you can find now and press for a future project. Or find some you already have stored away!

flower fairy wings

    flower fairy wings

So I think my photos are the most helpful way to show how to make them, but all you really need is a roll of clear contact paper, pressed flowers that you collect, and parchment paper to help with the outline. I basically made the wing outline on parchment paper with a marker, folding in half to make it symmetrical. Then I used painting tape to hold both the outline and the first layer of sticky paper in place. We did a symmetric pattern starting with the tips of the wings — our favourite flower. And kept an inch from the very edge with pressed flowers.

flower fairy wings

Then once happy with our design, we rolled off the short end of the contact paper and attached it slowly to the top, pressing out air bubbles as you go. A credit card is great if you don’t have a squeegee for paper book making. If the air bubbles get really stuck, use a small needle to allow the air out of the bubble.
We added a centre with grey cardboard but it’s not necessary unless it flaps too much. A cool driftwood stick could work too. Use ribbon to attach the wings, or a thin white elastic band or bra strap material would be nice as it would disappear.
What I didn’t get were great photos of the end result on her but chasing after a toddling one year old on bumpy grass after her nap may not have been the easiest!
flower fairy wings
But it definitely was a fun gift to make, to receive, and to wear… It fills me with such happiness just looking at our little fairy and those yummy chubby thighs from a few months ago.
If you like this pressed flower fairy wings idea, you should also try these Monogram Flowers I did a few months ago. Also a great gift but for all ages!


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