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“Tiny, perfect things” by M.H. Clark and Madeline Kloepper

Tiny, perfect things book

“Tiny, perfect things” is one of those picture books that help you find joy simply by observing what goes on in your own neighbourhood. And that’s quite delightful! A recommendation from a while back, it made its way to our collection this summer. I am so glad it did! In this beautiful story by M.H. Clark and illustrated by Madeline Kloepper, a child and a grandfather go on a walk together. Along the way, they find “tiny, perfect things” that brings awe to their day. During their slow walk in their neighbourhood, the child discovers that nature is at work everywhere, even as it goes unnoticed at times.

Through that game of observation, the grandfather lovingly and patiently shows his grandchild that nature is full of wonder. And that it is important to take the time to slow down the pace in order to see all that beauty!

Picture books are for all ages and reading abilities. We love them! I think that any child will appreciate this story. At times, it’s also necessary to find short stories where the pictures help say so much. The illustrations tell that story so well–whether read alone or with a special someone, an adventurous grandparent would be perfect!

Tiny, perfect things book

We love reading about the intergenerational relationship, it is full of benevolence. What better time then autumn to discover new things? A hunger to see more emerges. The pictures are just so lovely and would certainly appeal to many. They are simple yet full of details, raw and delicate at the same time. It’s so beautiful to slow down our pace, and see all the amazing things that are around us. This story captures this feeling so well. So, each delightful page uncovers a tiny, perfectly designed or placed object along the way 🙂

Tiny, perfect things book

The book is about a supportive grandparent sharing and encouraging his granddaughter, in a way that only loving and patient relationships do. What fun it is to find some magic in books! It truly is a little treasure that needs a spot in any book collection. Whether children are little and need to be read to, or they able to read on their own, the text has a certain rhythm that can appeal to all. It’s soothing, steady, reliable. That’s the kind of slow paced rhythm that mimics the intention of the walk of the story. The adventure is a calm one, yet full of surprises, with each flip of a page!

x Mariam


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